Ikea: Now a budget hotel

17 August 2012

ikeaIkea is planning to launch a chain of budget hotels, probably called Rüms or Zedbedd or something. The flatpackers are planning to have hotels in 100 locations across Europe, with the first two landing in Germany in 2014.

There's plans for these Ikea hotels in Belgium, Holland, the Nordic countries (of course), Britain and Poland.

"We're aiming to spread all over Europe," said Harald Muller, a Brussels-based business development manager of Inter Ikea's property division, who will have the Ikea philosophy of "good quality at a reasonable price."

"Aside from that, guests won't really recognize Ikea in it at all," he added, but of course, the hotels will have a Scandinavian "feel", so expect a lot of white walls, minimal furniture and plinths with iPods and grass on them.

Of course, if these hotels manage to retain other elements of Ikeaness, then you can expect to build your own room before getting your head down on a futon (with weak, breakable slats) and, like the Hotel California, you'll never ever leave thanks to a mystifying maze quality, just like the superstores filled with students and recently divorced men.

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  • Dick
    Why not just let people sleep in the stores overnight?
  • Mr C.
    ...and have meatballs for breakfast!!
  • Dick
    ^ Well if you want to suck off another man and lick his balls in the morning that is up to you.
  • Sawyer
    They've missed a trick here. They should furnish the rooms entirely with Ikea products so that people can try them out and purchase the things they like. This would be particularly useful for beds and mattresses that people buy after lying on them for 2 minutes in a showroom, then live with the decision for the next 10 years (or 25, if you believe the Ikea guarantee). In a budget hotel you can probably get away with it. I've seen plenty of cheap guesthouses advertised as being "tastefully decorated with Ikea furniture".
  • james d.
    Why would swedes call a hotel Rüms when ü isn't even in the swedish alphabet.

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