IKEA to enter the world of bicycles!

IKEA have been selling Scandinavian minimalism to the world for decades now, and the latest area they're looking at is cycling. Of course, getting on your bike is a boom area in Britain at the moment, as people look to work off all those sausage rolls, or just commute in a more environmentally friendly way.

Whatever the reason, more and more people are riding bicycles, and IKEA want in on the action.

Of course, the whole thing looks very European, with minimal fuss going into the design, and some rather nifty ideas for those who aren't into the whole world of bike maintenance.


In the past, IKEA gave the world the electric bicycle called FOLKVÄNLIG, but this SLADDA bike is a bit different.

It is designed to be low-hassle, and has a sealed gear hub in the back wheel, as well as a rust and corrosion-proof cogged drive belt where a normal bike chain would normally be. Apparently, this chain will last for a whopping 9,320 miles.

The most IKEA thing about it though, is the 'click system' which will allow you to attach things to it without a load of bother. Basically, you click on a trailer (pictured above) and front baskets, and panniers, depending what you're after. And, it looks rather nice as well, if you're into that sort of thing (probably not a bike for the Rapha brigade).

The SLADDA bike will be sold from August '16, but isn't exactly cheap. It'll be going for €700, which is over £550. There's definitely bikes going for that price that bike-enthusiasts will say are superior, but this might just be the thing for the occasional cyclist, or indeed, people who count themselves massive fans of IKEA (they are out there, y'know?).

If you're interested, keep an eye on the IKEA website. If you're not, feel free to mutter swear words under your breath as usual.


  • squiffy
    Will the 'click system' allow you to attach a flat pack wardrobe, or to have someone sat in one of those Poang chairs in the trailer?
  • mooch

    Doesn't look like you can hang your panniers from the back rack tho!

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