Hurrah! Tax-swerving Vodafone put their pay-monthly prices up again!

vodafone Is your monthly budget just about at breaking point? Have your pips been squeezed until they’ve got nothing more to give? Do you use a mobile phone? If the answer to that last question is yes, get ready because the season of pay-monthly price rises is on its way again.

It looks as though the mobile phone providers are starting to get a thirst for hiking up the prices of their customers monthly bills more or less in line with the rate of inflation. Of course, they’re legally entitled to do that but they now seem to be adopting it as an essential way of squeezing more cash out of the humble consumer.

Those tax-avoiding pranksters Vodafone have today had the brass balls to text customers who signed up before 7th September 2012, informing them that from 1st November, their monthly line rental will be going up by as much as 2.4%, about 60p per month for most customers. As that figure is less than the RPI rate of inflation, Vodafone are well within their legal rights.

It follows on from last year, when they rounded up contract prices to the nearest 50p – a moved which Which! reckon has earned them an additional £10.5m over the past year. To be fair, that’s a drop in the ocean when compared to the £7 billion which it is said they managed to persuade the HMRC from charging them in tax.

Now we just need to sit back and wait for the other mobile providers to wait until it’s a year since their last price rises – we won’t be even vaguely surprised to see them hit their customers with another price hike that’s in the same region as Vodafone’s 2.4% rise.

Did you sign up for a fixed term mobile phone contract believing that you’d be paying a fixed tariff? Or do you think that the likes of Vodafone should be able to start charging you more midway through your deal? Let us know in the box below – we won’t even charge you a penny for the privilege!


  • Chewbacca
    inb4 the spivs with "can I get out my contract innit"?
  • Jon
    I'd complain to Vodafone, but I struggle for a signal.
  • Trollateriat
    As long as calling the girls at xxxpanded tv stays at 60p per minute - who gives a fuck
  • bawbag
    Sigh You still keep banging on about Vodafone and their tax position which has been clarified many times and it was accepted by the NAO that they paid the tax due. You think that O2, EE, Virgin, Three, Tesco and all other mobile companies (not to mention all other companies and other entities) don't minimise the tax they have to pay at all. If you have a problem with that blame the goverment for having shit tax laws that have loopholes that you can fly a 747 through. How about you disclose some financial info for these site. As far as I can tell there is no names, no CRN, no VAT number on any of these sites. How much tax is Hotukdeals avoiding? I bet there is some....
  • Idi A.
    Even dear old Boots is allegedly at it with their global headquarters allegedly being a single empty office in Switzerland. Think of THAT next time you're stocking up on the TenaLady.
  • Alex B.
    Back to the issue at hand, they're not really "making more money" out of inflationary price rises, since their costs, will, on average, have risen by the rate of inflation too. Now, of course, no-one likes paying more money for something this month compared with last month, but the blame rests on government policies (during this term and previous ones) and Bank of England policy. Furthermore, what would they do instead if contracts were a fixed amount for the entire term? They would want to maintain their profit (or loss!) margin, and so they'd factor in the most pessimistic inflationary rises they could get away with - from the very beginning of the contract! Honestly, if a 60p a month raise is noticeable, contract isn't for you; PAYG or a cheap 30 day rolling contract would be a better option.
  • Brian's U.
    I'm surprised that this is news. We all know that this country is "Rip off" Britain. Look at fuel costs as a prime example of how companies just randomly increase their prices. Just accept the fact that this country is bollocks and move abroad. Simples.
  • Savvy S.
    I am with Vodafone and haven't had my tarrif increased. That said I will be leaving for a sim-only deal in a few months
  • Oh d.
    Who is this Andy Dawson and how has he got a job writing online articles? One of the most ill informed pieces of nonsense I've read in a long time.
  • GJoe
    Brian's Uncle, please put down your copy of the Daily Mail. If you think mobile costs are expensive then go to USA/Canada where they're FAR more expensive with less choice of operator. If you think daily living costs are expensive in the UK then go to many other first world countries such as Australia where costs of simple things like groceries are significantly more than the UK. Britain isn't a ripoff anymore unlike what the tabloids wants you to believe.
  • Alan P.
    Bloody right. Beer was $8 a pint last time I was in Melbourne. Scandalous. I could only afford 10 pints a session.
  • J
    GJoe - you're clearly sorely mistaken if you genuinely believe that the Bitter Wallet comment section is the appropriate place to write factual comments! Some people!

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