How supermarket layouts try and make you spend money

Most people know that supermarkets are designed in such a way, that it tries to make you spend more money than you actually want to. Impulse buys are a goldmine for shops, so there's a load of tricks they do to try and ensure this happens.

From dodgy sale items that are briefly hiked in price, so they can offer them at the price they would normally sell at with a 25% off! sticker, to putting stuff in prime locations so you'll see it, there's a lot of consumer psychology to play with.

If this is news to you, then the layout of a supermarket is key, and someone's made a video which shows you some of the tricks employed to try and prise coins from your hand. Have a look (don't worry, this is a short video).

Again, this won't be news to some of you, but it is nice that someone made a short, simple-to-understand video about this, and you can keep an eye out next time you're down the shops, and make a decision about what you really want to buy.

When you're getting the groceries in, see if you automatically decided to walk around the shop anti-clockwise (and indeed, see if everyone else is doing the same thing), while checking out what products have been put at eye-level, and how the basics you need have all been spread across the shop floor.

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  • Mike
    Eye Level is Buy Level! And the only reason they rearrange the shop every year or so is so that you have to hunt around to find the stuff you used to know where to look for, and accidentally find other stuff you wouldn't otherwise have seen.

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