How nervous breakdowns caused by online shopping can be eradicated

Online shopping, how do we hate thee? Let us count the ways. Actually, we’ll leave it to the laugh-hounds at The Oatmeal site. They’ve dissected the whole online shopping experience and included some handy pointers for online merchants who don’t want us to feel like we need to go round and slam their penises (penii?) in a car door. There’s a taster below – and the whole thing is here.



  • Olly b.
    Can I please add one more? When credit card input etc say "Must only contain numbers" Dear people - my credit card has spaces in the numbers. That's to make it easy for me to read, and make it easy to copy a complex series of numbers. If you want only numbers, then do the decent thing and strip out anything else yourselves. Look, here's both the code, for you, for free: Javascript: input.replace(/([^0-9])/gi, ""); PHP : preg_replace("/([^0-9])/","",$input); That's it. It's not hard. Test the output from that, if it isn't a valid credit card number then throw an error message. But don't make me struggle to copy a sixteen digit number in correctly without any spaces just because you don't want to write one line of code. Back in about 1998 one of the first online shops I used did this. Since then, I don't think I've seen anyone else do this.
  • Tom
  • james D.
    euch, there are people who like in places other than the united states?
  • Claire
    They missed the bit about having to register first. But don't think you can use some generic password like you use for other online stores - it has to contain between 17 ad 18 digits, 4 of them have to be capital letters and the second last must be Innuit. But no spaces. And then when you've registered, you have to go to your email to validate a link. Then you have to log in: ideal opportunty for a completely illegible Re-Captcha perhaps? And by the time you've finally accomplished the mission and got to checkout it's deleted the contents of your basket, so you can start all over again.
  • Cola M.
    What the fuck is a Cicty?
  • Alexis
    What's a cicty?
  • Javaboy
    ooh it makes me wanna film a viral video of me the javaboy destroying my trusty keyboard. the mouse ain't safe either. or the printer. only mom can calm me down with a horlicks and pink wafer. Dunk... Eat... breathe... And relax... Ok, i'm good.

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