How much is Asda's £1 bag of bananas worth?

sad bananas A smart cookie called Alan Hudson went to Asda and decided to pop a £1 bag of bananas on the scales at the self service checkout to see how much they were worth if he'd bought them loose.

The answer? A decidedly unpoundly 54p.

Of course, the news that a supermarket is pulling a fast one isn't at all surprising, but this is some brazen nonsense from Asda.

Train driver Alan, who filmed his discovery and shared it with The Mirror said: "It's disgusting really. There are millions of people living on the poverty line, trying to reduce the cost of their shopping as much as possible and looking out for bargains."

"That bag had a bright red sticker on it, saying they were a pound. It makes it look like a bargain, when in fact you're getting ripped off by nearly half. I'm definitely going to be reconsidering my shopping habits, and I hope others do too."

Alan added: "I do like bananas, but I'm going to think twice about where I buy them from."

Asda, of course, defended their bananas. A spokesperson said: "The majority of bananas we sell are loose which require a little bit of ripening at home and are price locked at 68p per kilo."

"Our pre-packed bananas are stored for a little longer and have already been ripened so they're perfect to eat as soon as you've bought them, they are then pre packed by hand, which is why they're slightly more expensive. We clearly label the prices in store, so customers can choose which product is best for them."


  • Her L.
    Don't blame Asda for customers' stupidity!
  • David D.
    Nearly double the price is not 'slightly more expensive'. Watch as the remaining scales are removed from ASDA stores.
  • No c.
    Train driver complaining about rip off? How much is a ticket during peak time?
  • Jesus B.
    I can't believe this guy thinks this is news, as it has been going on for years. I worked for Tesco a long time ago (has been 10 years since I left) and even back then this the case. Usually the pre packaged fruit and veg is packed to a certain weight, eg 500g or 1kg and if you look at the price label where it shows the price per gram, the pre packaged stuff costs significantly more than the loose.
  • richard
    what something is 'worth' and what something 'costs' are completely different. a £1 pre-packed bag might cost 54p if you buy it loose but that doesn't mean its only worth 54p. Worth is derived from whatever people are willing to pay for it.
  • OldGit
    Same with Brussel Sprouts - Mmmm sprouts
  • kv
    the guy who posted that youtube video can't even spell the word "BUY"
  • Mr T.
    Not news, we've all been doing it for years and still do. Look at our 'kids' bananas - a bag of small fruits for £1 or more and probably about 40p worth at the standard 68p per kilo price. Go in the supermarket without your heed up your a*se and you'll be fine. But I do agree you shouldn't require a maths degree to do a bit of shopping.
  • Rob
    it always gives you a price per 100g / 1kg so no excuse other than laziness simple to then buy the cheapest Crunchy nut cornflakes Best value box is not normally the case, just look for box with the lowest pence per 100g simples
  • Rob
    Back to the question the answer is a £1 as thats what people pay for them,, if they didnt the line would be pulled or the price reduced until it found its captive market...simples
  • Alex B.
    "But I do agree you shouldn’t require a maths degree to do a bit of shopping." I don't see the need to use linear algebra, calculus or combinatorial analysis when I go grocery shopping. And those were just the topics in one first year module (of five) of my modest three-year CompSci degree. The maths in use here are approximately end of primary school level; addition, subtraction, a little multiplication and division, percentages and fractions.
  • UKoap
    I ordered what I thought was 1 kg of Bananas on Asda groceries, I got 1 banana in the delivery!
  • Mick T.
    Just one of the reasons shoppers are heading to Aldi and Lidl etc..., to avoid this sort of bullshit, people are just fed up of it.

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