HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 5th October

new hukd logo Are you the kind of guy/gal who enjoys breakneck-paced American TV, restoring knackered old vacuum cleaners and greedily acquiring ‘points’ on shop loyalty cards? Yes, all of you, you look the type.

Feast your peepers on this lot then – it’s the best of the big bunch of bargains from HotUKDeals over the past day…

1030241_1Let’s kick off with a couple of USA-flavoured DVD box sets – two of the greatest series of recent years, if you don’t count The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Bonekickers.

Option one is the entire whole collection of 24 – hundreds of Jack Bauer power hours in one box for the low, low £££s of £48.99. Option two is the complete Arrested Development – complete for now at least, as new episodes have recently been promised. That could be yours for only £17.99 delivered.

1030467_1Now then, are you the not-so-proud owner of a fairly broken (or as Boris Johnson would say, ‘scuffed’) Dyson vacuum cleaner? Are you afraid to part with it but terrified at just how much a brand new would cost you?

Well fear no longer – apparently Dyson will restore any of their vacuum cleaners to full health for only £73. Just like buying a new one really. Offer does not apply to Airblades when it can be proven that testicles have been lowered into them.

1030560_1Finally, a smashing offer for those of you who like to shop at Boots, with their fantastic ‘Here Come The Girls’ advertising jingle, their Stepford Wife cosmetic salesladies and their flavour-shy ‘Shapers’ sandwiches.

If you’ve got one of their ‘Advantage Cards’ as well, you’re in for a cocking treat soon – shop online on the 26th and 27th of October, and if you spend £75, you’ll get £12 worth of ‘points’ added to your account. There’s also rumour of a similar amount if you only spend £50 as well. Curious stuff…

(deals found by HUKD members scowie, Deanc1966, mmillmor and missgem)

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