HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 1st April

Can you smell that? It’s the acrid stench of protest and dissent in the air, and it’s as strong here in Bitterwallet HQ as anywhere else in the UK at the moment. That’s because we’ve ran out of Jammie Dodgers – we’re all making placards and Vince has smashed up a wall.

Before it all goes off, we’ve just got time to let you know about some of the best bargains to be had on HotUKDeals at the moment. But don’t expect us to be happy about it. Grrrr!

What’s the one thing that we associate with April Fool’s Day more than anything else. That’s right, it’s mental illness. Or at least it is if you’re – they’re having a April Fool’s Madness sale for today only.

There’s loads of good stuff there although some of it is selling out fast. Climb into your straitjacket and click here for a closer butchers. If you don’t like it, you have the right to protest peacefully. Just don't smash any windows please.

Next, we’ve got a deal that is liable to make you sicker than the thought of Sir Fred Goodwin lying naked on his heart-shaped bed, licking a pile of five pound notes.

It’s a BOGOF deal on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – a six pack of the delicious, sickening blighters for £2.49. With one pack bunged in free, that works out at about 21p an egg. So right but so wrong but so right.

Finally, and almost as an aside, we offer you Cock Soup. 50 delicious grams of Cock Soup for just 35p.

Cock Soup. Cock Soup. Cock Soup. Let the smutty comments commence but please don’t nick them from HUKD…

(deals found by amibees, muffinhead and gytha_ogg)

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