HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 17th June

We’re still a little bit dizzy from the amazing Amazon 29p album download offer that we brought you earlier on, but we’ve just about composed ourselves and are being helped along by the sound of our choice of purchase, ‘Complete Madness.’

Here’s some more big fat bargains, all freshly popped from their pods at HotUKDeals. Spend the money you saved at Amazon and let's lick this festering recession TOGETHER!

Looking out of the window brings near-tears to our eyes – we’re halfway through June and the gods of rain have decided to bless us by tipping out a grey cloud of stinking rain. So let’s think about getting outdoors and sleeping under canvas with a bargain-priced tent then.

The tent in question is a Gelert 6-man tunnel tent and is only £50 at the moment, almost £100 lower than its RRP. If we go out and buy enough of them, maybe the gods of rain will see that we won’t be beaten by them and they’ll piss off back to Manchester.

Next, if you’re a practitioner of the dark art of camcorder photography, here’s a couple of great deals we’ve found for baggage to carry your sick, satanic instruments around in. Both of them are going for under a fiver.

First, there’s a 5-pack of 8cm DVD-RW disks, a camcorder bag, LCD Screen Protectors and a camera lens cleaning kit for just £2.50 or you could upgrade to the £4.98 version where you’ll get a 5-pack of mini DVM60 tapes instead of the DVD-RW disks.

Finally, here’s a heads-up for a couple of sales that have kicked off over the past few hours. Debenhams are having ANOTHER sale (they’re almost as prolific as DFS these days) with up to 50% off a bunch of stuff. Starting to give off a slight whiff of desperation if you ask us.

Then there’s Tesco Entertainment. They’ve got a 7-day sale which boasts of ‘Midsummer Madness’ (as we said, it’s pissing down here – how mad do you want to get?) There’s a list of some of the best Tesco stuff for you to peruse over at HotUKDeals.

(deals found by HUKD members nono2522, bear7364, bamyrich and FunkmasterP)

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  • Shambles
    Well you got your wish... the rains did indeed piss off back here to Manchester :(

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