HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 14th January

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Deals Of The Day went astray yesterday. The howls of protest in what were almost literally THOUSANDS of emails mean that it will never happen again.

Back on track then, with our pick of the bargains from the last few hours. Plenty more where these came from at HotUKDeals – the site that won’t be buying Kaka thank you very much.

Apparently, there’s a monster sale on at Boots. Up to 75% off a whole heap of stuff and talk on the HUKD forums of in-store brawling and hair-pulling.

The sodding website has been out of action for most of the morning though, so my £25 gift card continues to burn a hole in my pocket.
(deal found by lynne1966)

Another ridiculously cheap item here – a Jamie Oliver chopping board that’s almost as big and fat as the perpetually annoying chef’s own tongue.

It’s just 97p so if you’re an Oliver fan, snap it up. If you’re an Oliver-hater, get one anyway, knowing that his royalty payment will be titchy. Then stick a pic of his face on to a pumpkin and use the board as it was intended.
(deal found by Jakejakejake)

Lastly, a behemoth of a USB memory stick – 32GB for just £32. That works out at… erm… thirty, forty, no, we haven’t got enough fingers in the office to work it out.

God knows what you’ll store on there though. If e2save’s ad is to be believed, you could probably get every top 40 single since 1955 on it. But that is a matter for yourself and your squalid conscience.
(deal found by taylope1)


  • Mike H.
    Yes Andrew, I speak for the trillions of BW readers here who were unable to create an email of disgust because of their immobilising rage, I for one was very disappointed and down right disgusted with BW yesterday for the lack of the daily deal of the day thing that I regularly read with intrigue. Do not let this happen again. A chopping board that i can adorn with a picture of the dribbling mockney fool and stab whilst aslo carving shapes in cuccumbers, for 97p, that's a feckin bargain!
  • The B.
    Hmmm, having read that someone on HUKD was saying the build quality was poor I'm now wondering whether I should purchase the garlic shaker thing to beat the mockney cunt to death with instead.
  • Micky
    Funny how Jamie Oliver is alright when his favourite olive oil is half price at sainsburys ;)

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