HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 13th October

hukd_logob1 Do you love stamps, department store sales and tiny little tables? You know what, we thought you did. You’ve got that look about you. Now come over here while we ruffle your hair a bit.

As ever, all of that stuff and a whale of a lot more can be perused over at HotUKDeals....

776844_1As you well know, it’ll soon be Christmas and the goose will be getting fat. Especially if it’s the kind of goose that feasts on nothing but the money that has been saved by people who have been buying first class stamps that have been reduced in price. We know, we think it’s an incredible sentence as well.

The stamps in question are the ones that come in books and you can get 5% off the price of each stamp, making them 39p instead of the usual 41p. It’s an offer that is on NOW and goes on until January 4th. Scoff on that, stamp-cash-swallowing goose!

776655_1Next comes news of some items that have been slashed in price. In fact, their prices has been hacked away at until there’s almost nothing left of them and they just stand there, shivering away like plucked chickens with what’s left of their wings covering their shame. Poor prices.

In case you hadn’t worked it out from the description, we’re speaking about the launch of the latest Blue Cross sale at Debenhams. Get yourself along to your local store on online NOW before the best of the plucked chickens have all gone. No, we’re not entirely sure about what we’re banging on about either.

776943_1Finally, a handy little piece of furniture that will make using your laptop in your living room a whole lot easier. Alternatively, it could even double up as an emergency lectern for a child or an adult of restricted height. Just what you’ve been waiting for eh avid reader?

Better still, it’s even got a pretty name – Tilly. It’s a laptop table from Tesco that will only set you back £7.49 with free delivery to a nearby store if you have one. But don’t fret if you don’t have a laptop and enjoy life in the fast lane – Tilly will easily accommodate your beer, wine and/or peanuts.

(deals found by HUKD members parisp, nicster08 and pretty princess)


  • o'dreary
    ...will tilly accomodate my cock?
  • Alexis
    I love the way the Royal Mail charge you for postage if you buy stamps off their website.

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