HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 19th January

hukd_logob1 It’s all sex and violence and getting stones out of horses’ hooves here at Deals Of The Day. Oh, and cheap tins of tuna. In fact, now we think about it, we haven’t actually seen the horse for, like, weeks.

As ever, let HotUKDeals be your spiritual and fiscal guide…

586607If you’re looking for hours and hours of family DVD fun, you can’t go wrong with the complete box set of The Sopranos. By family, we mean the Mafioso sort who kill for fun and create widespread misery everywhere they go.

But by golly, it makes for compelling televisual entertainment when in the safety of your own home. The whole thing is currently being punted out on DVD for only £56.97 which, unless we’re mistaken, is the cheapest it’s been to date. Certainly cheaper than paying to have a horse’s head left in someone’s bed! Ha!

587157Next comes a long list of grocery offers that will be bringing joy unconfined to the aisles of your local Sainsburys between tomorrow and February 9th. There’s price reductions on booze, food, toothpaste, more food and some other stuff.

The list is too long to replicate here but you can eyeball it to your heart’s delight over at HotUKDeals. Maybe you could even do a little map of your local store, plot your favourite items out and plan your route. What? Some people do that all the time *shuffles from foot to foot and looks at floor*

587257Finally today, something you should avoid if you’ve been overdoing it in the Sopranos box set and the sugary stuff on offer at Sainsburys. It’s a Victorinox Class Swiss Army Knife and is only £6.00 delivered.

Use it sensibly and appropriately and you’ll find it an invaluable tool. Use it stupidly and inappropriately (like sticking it in your enemies) and you’ll find yourself in a prison cell, possibly with a leading member of the Mafioso.

(deals found by HUKD members Rick81, nicster08 and MikeT)

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  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. That Victorinox Classic Knife, not as the poster (AKA Andy Dawson) has called it "Victorinox Class Swiss Army Knife", is illegal to take on a plane with you. Unless you put it in with your luggage.

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