HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 18th October

new hukd logo The Stone Roses have reformed! Presumably for a large bag of money we reckon. Here’s a bunch of stuff that isn’t related to the middle-aged band of Mancunians or their music in any way (although there’s a unusual reference to one of their members halfway down).

As per usual, the ‘stuff’ is all from HotUKDeals

1038874_1Done your Christmas shopping yet? Bet you haven’t. You look the type who reckons they can blag it and get away with buying a load of stuff a few days before The Big Event. You idiot.

You might as well take all your money and burn it now. Listen here – there’s a toy sale starting on October 27th and lasting for almost a week. Last year, all toys in this sale were half price. All. Toys. Half. Price. It’s going to be carnage.

1039152_1Let’s try and move on, if we can, to something else that is a regular part of the winter period. We speak of course of the wretched onset of the KILLER FLU. At least if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll turn you into a shrivelled-up husk, a grim shadow of your former self. Like Mani from The Stone Roses.

There’s one way and one way only to prevent this from happening and that’s to get yourself properly jabbed up with anti-flu goo. Some private GPs charge the princely sum of £50 for this but you can get it for only £7.00 right now. See – you’re all better now.

1039190_1Finally, an ‘iPad killer’ that is nothing of the sort but is actually on the brink of extinction itself. It’s the BlackBerry Playbook, from the beleagured Research In Motion, the people who accidentally screwed their own network for three days a week or so ago.

But if you’re not put off by that glowing reference, you might want to get out and invest in the Playbook now. It’s been reduced from £399 to £249. Go on – we dare you.

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, jocksteeluk and Mdaoro)

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