HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 18th January

hukd_logob1Crack open a fresh packet of jazz hands and start waving them at this – it’s another collection of glorious bargains plucked from the nether regions of HotUKDeals, which in our non-biased view is undoubtedly the finest website the world has ever seen. Now shut up and point your face at the offers.

855126_1Time to start your Christmas 2011 shopping NOW. Or at least it is if you’re a keen-eyed shopper with an eye for a bargain and some storage space that you’re not using for the next eleven and a half months. That’s because the Boots Christmas gift sale is about to get underway.

A Boots-dwelling snitch has been on HotUKDeals and whisper-whispered in our ears that the sale is due to begin tomorrow (Wednesday) with discounts on the unsold Christmas gift range of up to 75% off. Another knowledgeable sort has pointed out that if you want to peruse the sale online, you ought to be looking to be in front of your computer at about 2am or 3am tomorrow morning.

855255_1Next, if you’re a home worker, now could be the time to stop sitting on one of the chairs from your dining room set and upgrade to a swanky fancy-pants office swivel chair instead. It’s a Thames leather faced highback executive office chair and it’s only £35.99.

There’s also possible Quidco cashback if you’re that way inclined. Plus, spend a little bit extra and you could cop for free delivery and an iTunes voucher. AND... it spins round and round, which your stupid old dining chair probably doesn’t do. Get professional, yeah?

854869_1Finally, it’s time for us to put the weak humorous stylings to one side and get serious, instead donning an earnest expression and the kind of mutton chop sideburns that you would expect to find on an expert, the kind that appears on the news and that.

The information we are imparting to you is this – smoke alarms save lives. As do carbon monoxide detectors. So how can you not take advantage of a pack that contains two smoke alarms and one carbon monoxide detector? Particularly when it’ll only cost you £19.99. Exactly – you can’t. Get on it.

(deals found by HUKD members meekie, RS2011, r4dey)

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