HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 5th March

Time to climb on Bitterwallet’s back as we climb on HotUKDeals’ back and wobble around like some kind of cack-handed human pyramid, stumbling around hoovering up bargains here there and everywhere.

Maybe along the way, we can all learn a little bit more about ourselves. Maybe we can come out of the other side as better, more balanced people. Unless the pyramid collapses and we all end up in the care of the doctor.

First up, an Iomega 1TB desktop hard drive. You can nab one for just £60.97 if you carefully follow the instructions here. That’s a lot of TB. Well, it’s one, but it’s a lot of something.

Be warned though – opinions are divided on the HUKD forums (as you’d hope and expect.) This hard drive is either the solution to your storage problems or it’ll eat your children before exploding all over your carpet. Tread carefully.

Next, one for all of those who believe that the hysteria about fat being bad you is all a load of old cobblers. It’s a big, lumbering Greggs deal. Spend £3 on five separate occasions and you’ll get £3 worth of pies, pasties, pop and sugary stuff for free.

How hard can it be to spend £3 in Greggs? Not very – we’d be like a bunch of fatsos in a pie shop. Literally, metaphorically, any way you want. Sod quantitative easing – let’s get back on our feet through the mass consumption of fatty foods.

Lastly, a DVD box set that you really have to own. It’s billed as a World Cinema set, so if you can’t handle subtitles, stop reading now. The films in the box are Bad Education, House Of Flying Daggers, The Dreamers, The Edukators and Tears Of The Black Tiger. You have to get this just for the latter film in that line-up.

It’s one of the most batshit mental movies we’ve ever seen. A multi-coloured Thai western with lashings of Tarantino-esque violence. It’s truly nuts. Trailer below (warning - contains bloodshed and gaudy colours). Do it.

(deals found by thesnowman86, battez and DickyGuy)


  • -=Mike H.
    It ain't no world cinema collection unless it contains the excellent, 'La Haine'
  • jaysexy212005
    Greggs bring out this offer after closing my local branch. Idiots.

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