HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 3rd March

hukd_logob1It’s back. Deals Of The Day, which was absent yesterday due to industrial action by Bitterwallet technicians, is here again. We assume that you got by without it. We hope that you pined for it. We’re not entirely sure that you realised it was missing.

Anyway, onwards we travel with the bestest bargains from the citadel of dreams that is HotUKDeals

888747_1Do you enjoy wandering through furniture-lined mazes, meatballs and hot dogs and the Swedish way of thinking? If you do, then this is definitely one for you. It’s a big sale at Ikea and it all kicks off (not like THAT) tomorrow (Friday).

Some of the big names involved are Lack, Trollsta, Alve, Ljusas Uvas and Engan. Ironically, all of those were sidekicks of Doctor Who at some time in the 1980s. Engan was our favourite – although the sex change storyline was a bit graphic for Saturday tea time back then.

889447_1Speaking of furniture, do you sleep comfortably in a king size bed, dreaming of sex with unicorns and unlikely sporting triumphs starring your good self? You think it couldn’t possibly get any better don’t you? Well you’re wrong, you idiot.

You could improve your bed-dwelling experience no end by banging a Silentnight Hi-Therm topper on top of your current mattress. You’ll be having sweet dreams about the cash you’ve saved too, as it is reduced from £28 to just £7.00.

milk2Speaking of beds, there’s nothing worse than taking a nice, ice cold glass of milk to bed, only to spill it everywhere when you nod off. It’s STILL the number one cause of bed-related deaths in the UK. Or we might be thinking about smoking. It’s definitely one of those. Probably.

But if you do die from milk that you’ve spilt in your bed, you’ll probably die with a smile on your face. That’ll be because you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that you only paid 89p for four pints of the cow juice. Sleep tight crimefighters, sleep tight…

(deals found by HUKD members the gooner, imsraj and molerat)


  • StuPid
    I missed it - I spent a good 15 seconds moaning that I'd have to go to HUKD myself! Bloody industrial action, or were you all too busy seeing what iPad 2 had to offer?
  • somebody k.
    A bit of advice for young lovers starting out and thinking of what kind of bed to get for there love nest.If you still want to be shagging at bedtime in say 6 months time, don't even consider a king size bed. If however you are some way into your relationship and have suddenly realised your other half is a fucking boot,then a king sized bed is a fantastic idea. You don't have to go near them and you can still keep up the pretence of sleeping with them.

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