HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 23rd September

hukd_logob1 As we’re sure you’re aware if you ingest the news every day, the popular Radio One FM DJ Chris Moyles is in the midst of some fiscal trauma at the moment. Accordingly, today’s Deals Of The Day have all been carefully selected with Mr. Moyles in mind.

Let’s hope the fat bastard remembers to thank HotUKDeals next time he’s doing a 45-minute rant because he’s been made to wait a while for £100k of his £600k annual salary.

763441_1The roly-poly breakfast jock threw his toys right out of the pram yesterday morning while crying poverty instead of entertaining his millions of listeners, almost all of whom earn less in a year than Moyles earns in a month.

Once he’s finally been paid, the blubbery funnyman can restock his pram with half price toys from an ongoing online sale. Megablocks, Peppa Pig, Barbie and Thomas The Tank Engine are among some of the brands that are reduced.

763409_1If the slight delay in being paid tens of thousands of pounds wasn’t bad enough, Moyles is also allegedly sleeping on a friend’s couch after splitting up with his girlfriend. It’s a hard life for him at the moment, that’s for sure.

We hope that once Moyles has been paid, he’ll thank his friend by taking him out for a slap-up meal. For only £9.99, he’ll be able to get two meals and two drinks, a fantastic offer that won’t damage the blubbery mouthpiece’s wallet too much.

763162_1If that kind of money is out of Moyles’ league at the moment, there’s another way he can retain his ample frame without dipping into too much of the vast sum of money that he is waiting for from the BBC.

If he looks down the back of the sofa, he might be able to find the total of £1.74 – that will buy him a 400g block of Cathedral City mature cheddar. Dig if you will a picture of the fat-headed blow-hard gnawing away on it all, sitting in his vest and pants, growing increasingly angry about the fact that he has to be slightly less rich for a bit. The twat.

(deals found by HUKD members osullivan1986, jamesWHUFC and nicster08)


  • AyePet
    Let's assume Moyles has a £3million+ property in central London like many entertainers based in London, which his pay is adequate to pay for @ 25years + 5% that = £30,000 a month mortgage payments. Just like most people working full time with mortgage payments to make, every month it hurts... How many people who read the bitterwallet site would go 2months without being paid and not moan about it? Moyles did... Sure it was insensitive to people who earn as much in a year as he earns in a fortnight/month, people who expect sensitivity from Moyles are severely deluded though, the above practicalities still remain.
  • Mark
    Great response. It's a great bit of publicity for his show, and i'm not at all offended that he complained about his delayed pay on-air. It's no different to to anyone else moaning about a pay delay at work. I can never understand why people complain about highly paid earners, if he didn't draw in a large amount of listeners and create money for the BBC in additional endeavours, he'd be paid less. You may as well complain that the counter staff in libraries should be paid less as nobody uses libraries nowadays.
  • Sideysid
    You lot above sound like his sycophant arse monkey crew, who rim the lard muncher at every flatuant based gag. Moyles is a wankstain.
  • AyePet
    What a lovely comprehensive response Sideysid, thank you for your amazing contribution.
  • The B.
    Well I enjoyed it, well done Sideysid.
  • Kevin
    Hopefully Sideysid your employers will decide to not pay you for two months so you can see what it's like. And at the same time I hope you break up with your long term girlfriend/wife at the same time.
  • having t.
    I think this is the best article for a while, I hope Mr Moyles sees it himself.
  • Blinx5
    i am on the side of Sideysid working in construction where pay cuts and redundancy is a everyday occurance moyles needs to remeber that some people are alot worse of than him cants seee why his girlfriend left the fat ugly bstard
  • Kevin
    Being paid more or less doesn't matter. Noone should not get paid for 2 months. His career won't last forever so I can't imagine he's paying a normal mortgage, just as you wouldn't start a mortage knowing that you don't have a job guaranteed (but who does?). His gf left him as he wouldn't marry him and have kids. After an 8 year relationship it's bound to feel like a good kicking. THAT I agree is his own fucking fault.

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