HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 15th September

new hukd logo It’s a pretty festive Yuletide-flavoured Deals Of The Day for you today. There’s some Christmas toys, some erm… dishwasher tablets and that traditional Christmas meal of… of… fish and chips.

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1016118_1Let’s not mince our words here – Christmas will be upon us before we know it, devouring us like a dog on a pile of, er, mince. So you’d better start stocking up on presents for the, er, stocking. Start with the kids – after all, they’re the future.

What do they like? We don’t know – toys probably. So you might be interested in a 3-for-2 offer at all toys at Argos that is in full swing. And if you’re thinking about getting us some presents, we’ll have anything but Octonauts. We think it’s based on life here in BW HQ and we’re considering legal action against them. That or we’ll get Captain Barnacles to join us as a writer.

1016569_1We move on swiftly to one of life’s necessities – dishwasher tablets. Okay, they might not be as essential as haircuts or a subscription to some kind of satellite sports broadcaster, but they’re fairly important.

And did you know that if you do manual dishwashing, simply chew a dishwasher tablet as you begin and your washing speed will increase by up to 700%. Possibly. Anyhoo, right now you can get a 56-tablet pack for the shockingly-low price of just £3.00 – that’s 5.35p per tablet. You’ll be using them to relieve indigestion too at that price.

1016154_1Speaking of indigestion, we end today’s round up with a nice plate of fish and chips. As we all know, there’s a traditional day for the consumption of fish and chips, and that day is of course… Monday.

You know, that’s where the popular phrase ‘Fish & Chip Monday’ comes from. Or at least it does if you’re a BHS customer. Spend anything in their stores and you’ll get some vouchers, with one of them exchangeable for free fish and chips. FISHY CHIPPY!

(deals found by HUKD members brum, morlspin and New123)

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