HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 31st October

As the new James Bond movie hits the screens today, we don’t have a Quantum Of Solace, but we do have a Quartet Of Savings for you to hunt down and ruthlessly assassinate. Our men and women in the field are all working for the secret organisation know as HUKD and they’ve provided some tips to help you become a real live budget Bond.

If you want to be taken seriously as a smooth-as-f*** super spy, you’ll need a tuxedo. Them ain’t cheap, but there’s a 70% off sale at Debenhams at the moment. You might not get a tux, but there’s some lovely v-neck sweaters and ties to help get you started.

As you know, Bond’s slurp of choice is the Martini, shaken not stirred. We couldn’t hunt down any cheap Martini, but we have had a tip-off about some cheap 50cl bottles of Baileys. Liase with our contact here. If that’s out of your prince range or if you’re teetotal, you could also enjoy a bottle of Fruit Shoot at a very affordable price. More here.

State-of-the-art gadgets are an important part of the make-up for any real wannabe Bond. Invisible cars, umbrellas that shoot bullets, a digital watch that plays Donkey Kong, that sort of thing. We can’t offer anything as fantastical as that, but here’s a very reasonable pay-as-you-go mobile phone deal with Asda.  Sweet.

Finally, you’ll be expected to bed a string of glamorous ladies during your secret mission. The art of seduction is a tricky thing to master, but you’ll be on the right road if you chew on a couple of these Mentos chewing gum pieces first. They’ve got a liquid centre, which any sophisticated woman is bound to find alluring.

Mission accomplished.

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