HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 20th February

Tragically, we’ve come to the end of our ‘True Or False Week’ here at Deals Of The Day. But don’t dismay, as next week’s top bargain round up will be coming to you as a unique podcast – in Klingon!

Thanks again to the hard work of the bargain-finders at HotUKDeals for finding the bargains through, er, their… hard work. Answers to the true or false questions are at the foot of the page.

THE DEAL: A £1.99 Cheeseburger Meal Deal (including burger, fries and a drink) at your local Burger King. Or one further away if you enjoy long drives punctuated by spasms of indigestion.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The cheeseburger was invented by accident in 1876. Norwegian Olaft Luf was trying to protect his precious pet burger from a harsh wind by putting a blanket on it made from a cheese slice. The smell drove him insane and he ate the burger before killing himself. The pathologist who examined him realised what he’d done and copyrighted the idea.

THE DEAL: A Bosch 30-piece drill bit set – available for the frankly barking price of just £2.45. Click here to enter a world of drilling that you didn’t know existed.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Herbert Bosch was the founder of the legendary drill bit company. He used one of his drills to create the world’s first ‘glory hole’, born out of frustration when his wife refused to let him watch while she put her bra on in the mornings.

THE DEAL: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC) – only £18.95 delivered. Pretend you’re a pilot while simultaneously getting drunk and occasionally flicking through adult magazines (something a real pilot would NEVER do)

TRUE OR FALSE?  The pilot of the plane that recently landed in the Hudson River did so on purpose as he believed he’d seen his missing dog Sparkhouse swimming in the water. Overtaken by panic and relief, he simply divebombed into the river in an attempt to rescue the pooch.

(deals found by Tom Pickering, Royal Renegade and m27try)

ANSWERS: All facts are false.

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    if you're talking about deals posted on thursday, surely this is deal of the day??

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