HMV open tech shop

14 November 2011


If no-one is buying records, then the best way to make money is by selling the technology needed to play music on, right? Well, that's what HMV are clearly doing as they try and stay afloat.

With that, they've opened their first dedicated technology store.

The shop, located in London's One New Chage shopping centre is called the HMV Techshop. It's going to stock iPads, iPods, tablet and netbook PCs, speakers and headphones as well as a small selection of games, DVDs, Blu-rays and other words that are excellent for articles wishing to capitalise on SEO.

HMV says that this could well be the first of many of its kind.

"HMV's remit has always been to give its customers the widest-possible access to music, film and games, however they want to discover and enjoy them,” HMV’s head of technology Ewan Pinder stated. “So our move into personal technology products, including through this new-style store, is actually a very natural next step for us that supports our continuing transformation into a broad-based entertainment brand.

“Headphones, in particular, are really taking off in a big way, and are set to be among the 'must-have' gift items this Christmas."

Internet, it is over to you to beat them on price.


  • steve
    HMV stopped selling 'records' long ago, about the same time I went in one. Sure you get a cursory 'chart' section and thats about it with sales=stock clearence. I guess if they are currently making money on selling gadgets then thats the way they'll go.
  • Wonky H.
    Do they sell Cornettos?
  • Sicknote
    Makes great sense, I can pop into HMV to trial the latest tech before zipping back to the office to order it on Amazon along with a handful of Bluray & DVD's. Well done HMV - best original idea of the month.
  • Cheesey
    Mmmm, Best Buy going pop soon, Comet bubbling under, PCW/Currys struggling - I can't think of a better time to launch a tech store at full RRP and with the legendary HMC shite service...
  • Colin
    As more and more tech becomes Chinese made crap, Fony, Hisnatchi, Fanasonic and Tossiba, the ability to go back to a physical store and rant could be far more preferable to some than dealing with Amazon. However the present interpretation of the sale of goods act means the returns policy of many high street stores (my own poor experience was PC World) means a rethink in policy, along the lines of John Lewis would help.
  • Dick
    “HMV’s remit has always been to give its customers the widest-possible access to music, film and games, however they want to discover and enjoy them.” Yet most of the store is full of Top 40 this and sale that. They are no better than tesco for stocking wide ranges of music (and film).
  • klingelton
    hmv can only stock so much on their shop floor - by stocking the top 40 this and that, they are offering access to music. the point is, the cd store has been changing for years, what HMV need to do is not to diversify into other failing highstreet arenas (tech) but to give customers a social reason to visit their stores. now we all know digital music takes up precious little shop floor space, so replace this with a social meeting place where young and old can go to meet and listen to their favourite songs... give people booths with the space you save and allow them to consume music over a hot coffee and cake/milkshake/coke. then give them the facility to download the track they have just been listening to onto their own personal device. people love coffee, they also love to listen to music while they drink it and chat with their friends. get rid of that sterrile shop and give people a reason to visit your stores.
  • TescoTech
    HMV Tech ? No chance.. Tesco Tech help looks like Comet on speed.

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