HMV have a unique pricing strategy

When HMV nearly went under, it wasn't a surprise as their stores hadn't been relevant for some time. Bizarre filing choices (Bruce Springsteen under 'S' and Bob Dylan under 'B') and eye-watering prices that were routinely bettered online.

Now, scraping itself away from the brink, it seems things haven't improved much, seemingly with a random approach to pricing up dreadful DVDs starring The Rock.


[Sent in by avid BW reader, Chuck Gibb]



  • Dacouch
    Slow news day I guess
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    On the same day two weeks ago, I saw a branch of CEX do the same with copies of Forza 4 and a market stall trader obviously get his Dead Island copies confused with their sequel, so the prices were different on the same products then as well. Was it worth mentioning online at the time? No. A small error, ignore it and move on.
  • Cheesey
    The £3.99 one is for price snobs and stupid people.
  • Dick
    Whereas the £2.99 is just for stupid people.

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