High street prices are deflating like a burst beach ball

sale The British Retail Consortium has announced the ninth month of deflation in a row, after retailers were forced to decrease prices to attract customers.

How low can you go? Well, prices are now 1% less than they were a year ago, as retailers resorted to desperate price cutting measures just to get punters through the doors.

As eagle eyed bargain hunters now demand discounts as their inalienable consumer right, and will browse the internet and go elsewhere for better value, high street prices have dropped like a drunken Sally Bercow onto a random guy in a nightclub. 1% might not seem like much, but it’s the steepest slide in prices since 2006.

Helen Dickinson of the BRC said:

‘Shop prices are falling at their fastest rate for seven years, a new record for our data. January is always a key month for sales and promotions, but discounts have been deeper and more widespread than last year and we are seeing this trend continuing.’

Prices in the January sale were 10% less than last year (WHOO!) with a 3.8% drop on the prices of furniture and carpets and a 1.8% drop in electricals.

Obviously, food has gone up and wages are stagnating, but who needs money and food when you’ve got a cheap PS4 and a massive DFS sofa?


  • Turd M.
    Sally Bercow wasn't drunk, she's just a genuine slag
  • Samantha
    WooHoo 98p shop here we come

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