He's speaking for Transformers fans everywhere...

Spotted by avid Twitter user @TimMaughan....



  • Dick
    Hmm, Who is the bigger twat: kamaji for writing that, TimMaughan for tweeting it, Andy Dawson for linking to it, or me for reading it? No doubt kamaji is a 46 year old geek with no kids.
  • StatingTheBleedingObvious
    Slow news day?
  • amazon z.
    I had a more eventful bowel movement than that ****. ..and where's the Royal Nork photos then? Come on.
  • first l.
    Some people like to collect things; Football programmes, Train numbers, ornate thimbles, stuffed animal heads. This guy happens to collect toys and is quite passionate about it. Where's the problem?
  • Cilit B.
    Indeed, but only idiots would collect things that are pricey and in short supply. Wise man collect things that are plentiful. And cheap.
  • Chewbacca
    sad fucking no life twat. cunt.
  • Chewbacca C.
    You laugh but it's all true. Try being a Transformer collector in this country. Sporadic releases, prouce gouging etc etc. Not quite sure why a fans complaint got onto bitterwallet though? Doesn't really seem like their remit, especially as you cant put cunt anywhere in the story. And where is the sarcasm? D- for this article.

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