Here it comes - the Worst UK Company of 2009 Award! Nominations please...

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 12.44.50 Right, time for you lot to tell us lot just who you think the Worst UK Company of 2009 has been.

If you remember, last year’s vote was won at a canter by Setanta (ooh, that rhymed!) – wonder whatever became of them…?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll carefully sift through your suggestions and come up with a definitive shortlist. Then, we’ll play the companies off against each other in a head-to-head public vote.

Around about Christmas time, we should have a new holder of the golden turd (pictured right) that we presented to Setanta at the end of 2008 – wonder what became of that…

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 13.42.35Come on then, let’s have your suggestions – any company operating in the UK is fair game, and if you could tart up your nominations with the reason why they’ve gotten your goat so much this year, that would be even better.

We’ll start the ball rolling. Halifax Bank Of Scotland, for charging customers a daily fee just for having an overdraft. Wankers.


  • RazorD
    DSGi.. and i don't even need to give reasons. The comments field isn't big enough.
  • Kimberly
    I vote for Foxtons, much ranting justification availbale should it be necessary but I'm sure anyone who has ever dealt with them will not need to hear about my own personal rage...
  • Tim
    I'll gladly second the nomination for DSG - I would love to see them follow Setanta
  • big d.
    ebay and paypal for there greed and for creating a scammer honeypot
  • me Cheap prices but packaging is crap! Now best company, Amazon, they even have a "packaging feedbacl" section now!!!!!
  • In f.
    Is BitterWallet a company?
  • MrRobin
    I vote for Paypal (and ebay by proxy, perhaps they can be in one nomination together since they are pretty much synonomous) for their very high fees and apathy when things go wrong and users get ripped off.
  • dados
    pay by cash then ffs
  • Dodgy A.
    DSG - no reasons need to be stated.
  • Shadow
    Paypal/ebay with their scam of not calculating the cost it will cost u using paypal only ebay itself
  • Macca
    TalkTalk, for being so infuraitingly rubbish - can't move my own phone number to my new house and they want to charge me £30.00 to move or to £70 to leave my contract. Surely they want business!
  • Macca
    so infuriated, I can't spell infuriatingly!
  • Zleet
    Ebay. Had an account suspended in 2006 but got it sorted easily within a month. Unknown to me the suspension had also included any other household accounts (families) and they still stood as they hadn't been used often so never fixed. I didn't use ebay for two years until Oct 2008 and when I bought something I found myself with an automatic year suspension for using details shared with a suspended account. It's now coming up to the date I can appeal and it will have been a three years worth of suspensions for sharing details with an account suspended for one month. Thanks Ebay
  • Liam
    The UK government - ripping people off since 1997.
  • CompactDistance
    TicketMaster or SeeTickets I don't care which ticket agent/scam merchant you choose
  • NobbyB
    I am always surprised when people complain about eBay and paypal fees. ebay fees are much lower than a local auction houseand the exposure is much larger. If you'd prefer to use a bootsale, then do that. There are loads of competitor online auction sites, so if you want free fees for an online auction, then use them. Similrly, paypal fees are much cheaper than getting a merchant account to take credit cards.
  • NobbyB
    I'd go for the power companies. They are essentially acting like cartels, increasing prices when wholesale prices go up, then hardly reducing them when wholesale prices come back down. The problem is they all do it, so they are as bad as each other, and not one of them stands out
  • Big F.
    redsave of course
  • iPhone M.
    Apple for selling over priced nonsense to impressionable fools.
  • Angry S.
    CarphoneWhorehouse do it for me; complete tossers, although the level of incompetence at British Gas comes a close second.
  • Mark
    3. Here's hoping the Orange/T-Mobile merger kills them off.
  • Danny
    Another vote for DSGi here, now that we know their employees hat e us as much as we hate them, I think it would be a win-win situation to see them go under.
  • Justin M.
    I nominate 3 for having incompetent customer service that doesn't do what they're asked, like preventing marketing texts from their own departments. eBay for several reasons including enforcing 'free postage' on sellers for all media so that a hefty DVD box set or a vinyl 12" record have to be sent 'free', causing sellers to raise prices to include p&p of which ebay then take a cut. Take a cut of the shipping fees we receive? Scandalous. TalkTalk for having their street sellers claim you get free broadband if you switch to their landline service, and then charging for the BB regardless and claiming there is no such deal (as they have done to my father-in-law).
  • You g.
    DSGi. Aka- PC World and Currys. - And I will give the reasons... Their way of dealing with the recession is as ruthless as it gets, with the best managers sacked, essential technicians booted out, staff threatened and abused daily to meet insane targets, and customers exploited for every penny. Most of this has been covered by Bitterwallet during the year. Every customer is put through the mind control process of FIVES- forced to answer endless irritating questions to ensure they buy at least £150 of accessories they don't want or need. Any employee who does not subject every customer to this process AND reach the sky-high targets, will be threatened with their job and bullied by managers on a daily basis until they can't take anymore and leave. The employees have no voice in the matter, so their only outlet has been Facebook Groups, which DSGi subsequently controlled and shut down. If the employee does not ask ALL of the following questions to EVERY customer, then he/she WILL be fired (after a few soul-destroying warnings)... "What brings you to PC World/Currys today?" - That's none of their business. The question makes the sales person sound like an automaton. I would reply "my car" or "my legs". "Are you a Whatever Happens customer?" and "Remind me to talk to you about it later" - This question also makes the employee look like a complete prat, and makes you realize that you've come to the wrong place. "Are you thinking of paying by monthly amounts or cash?" - You don't even know what you're buying yet, and they ask how you're gonna pay! So now you get annoyed and say "Can't you just tell me about this product?" "Why were you looking to purchase the item?" - This is also none of their business. I will skip the next 20 (yes there are 20) ridiculous questions that you are forced to answer... "Are you happy?" - It's hard to imagine anyone being happy after being subjected to this endless barrage of pointless questions. "Hand any documentation with 2 hands." - This is to confirm that the person who served you has no mind of their own. During this process you watched the employee slap himself repeatedly in masochistic pleasure with his rubber wrist-band, because he accidentally used the word "but", "however", or "unfortunately". You should now have left with a copy of Norton, Office, mobile broadband, laptop bag, whatever happens insurance plan, TechFriend, installation services, a premium (defin. rip-off) cable, a wall bracket/stand, and you've signed up for Sky. Otherwise, the employee will be on death row. - But you only came in for a memory stick! Do you think you'll be coming back for more? I don't.
  • Gary
    Orange, for being a massive bunch of bastards.
  • ben
    3 - Three
  • Jack
    Why Three? They seem to be an amazing company in my experience so far. Halifax Ebay Paypal
  • Wilko
    My nominations: 3 - for pissing me around for 3 weeks when all I wanted was a PAC code. Please, just put me through to a British-based call centre where they can understand me and won't fuck me around. Demon Internet - As above, all I wanted was a MAC code and they made me wait. And wait. And wait. Two of the WORST companies I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.
  • Adam
    Virgin Money/MBNA for: 1) Increasing interest rates at way above the base rate... 39.9%! 2) For not having anyone to speak to on the phone without having to go through the hell that is their automated system. 3) For still taking my direct debit even when I'd cleared the balance and called to confirm that my account was closed and no further payments were needed.
  • Me
    British Gas for price fixing and overcharging. Put the bills up when wholesale prices rise then don't put them down to the same amount as the wholesale price reductions. Any problems keep you hanging on the phone for hours. Does the local council count as a company? If so nominate them all for shitty roads and ripping off joe public day in, day out. Thieving bastards!
  • Amanda H.
    Hermes (parcelnet) , for paying their delivery drivers 45p per parcel, which they have been doing without payrise for the last 10 years. Also, as they illegally "employ" self empoyed couriers, as they can get away with not paying holiday pay, tax & NI, pension & sickness. The couriers have to use their own vehicles, petrol,mobile phone and electricity to charge the pda even and wear and tear on their own car and addition courier insurance (which many cant afford)....all for 45p. DHL have also found this little loophole in "employing" self empoyed people. Even when a court ruling James Vs Redcats (a self employed courier questioned the legallity of her employment status) found redcats to be very naughty-Hermes continues to "employ" self employed drivers. Retailers are flocking to use these companies as they can undercut proper employed van driving couriers. So good news for you the public for buying your cheap tat. Bad news for 10,000 UK workers. Not all bad news as 6yr old Chinese boys are starting to earn more per week than them.
  • Craig S.
    Paypal and ebay- i've had 2 disputes with people who have sent me back items from ebay which they've blatantly broken themselves, and both times paypal found the dispute in the other persons favour and took the payment back out of my bank account leaving me with broken goods that cant be sold on. And ebay fees are extortionate. Have since cancelled both accounts though- good riddance. Bastards.
  • Codify
    ebay ebay ebay For abusing their market dominance to raise fees to an extortionate level, with the result that many non-professional sellers have simply been pushed out.
  • Gadget 4.
    Paypal, not because of their fees (which I think are fine) but because of their bias towards buyers whenever a dispute arises. Even when you irrefutable proof that the buyer is lying they "exercise their discretion" to disregard it without giving a reason!! Anything so they can find in favour of the buyer!
  • another c.
    so...Posted by You could have guessed | October 26th, 2009 at 3:30 pm clearly you work for DSGI - have some balls and tell us all who you are and where you work? or are you just one of these people that moan ALL day long about how crap your job is yet are simply too lazy, ignorant or plain stupid to get off your arse and go out and get another one? if your morals are SOOOOO badly offended then fuck off somewhere else...twat
  • you a.
    Sky for pricing policy and lack of customer service.
  • You g.
    To anon coward. Store 2438. Won't reveal name for obvious reasons. How about yourself?
  • Angry S.
    "have some balls and tell us all who you are and where you work? "-i guess you don't see the irony of posting this under the name "another anonymous coward" ?
  • SJT
    Orange - they're crap
  • John
    Its got to be DSGI because of their inability to get anything right: pricing, customer service, range, stockholding. Additionally for the joy of seeing their staff rip one another apart on this site.
  • fuckcraftmatic
    craftmatic because there a bunch of fucking scumbags
  • Den
    The Loan sharking company called Virgin/MBNA. As above mentioned they are profiteering at the expense of people who can only just afford to pay off credit card debts by putting rates as high as possible. You might sign up with 6 months 0% and then say 15.9% thereafter buy you will soon find the rate is variable and they vary it in only one direction - up. People are being forced to pay apr's at 29.9%, 34.9% and even 39.9%. Customer service say that they can not alter rate and there is nothing that can be done. Writing to them and threatening with ombudsman will get you no-where at first but persistance will get you somewhere and rates reduced even through they say they cannot.
  • Spencer
    DSG. I went into PC world t'other day and got hounded on. Quite literally. I was only looking at PS3 games, then over shuffles pc world automaton No. 24601 and initiates the 5's sequence. I politely explained that I was only looking for a PS3 game. As soon as he started about HDMI cables I smiled and left. I dont mean to be rude to PC world/Curry's employee's as I totally understand it isnt your fault. But this subliminal high pressure sales technique is absolutely dreadful. It creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and forces people to just walk out.
  • stephentheshark
    Every bloody bank for leaving the economy in such a mess.
  • Mike H.
    Another vote for DSG due to an assistant at a Currys informing me that Plasma tv's were shit, that Panasonic were shit and the best tv in the store was a Samsung LCD that was oddly on a 'managers special'. I didn't want a 50" LCD, I asked to see a 37" Panasonic plasma.. why wouldn't you listen??
  • andy y.
    Dell. Buy our laptops in pretty colours made in Swettie factory by the village people. Then it turns up 5 weeks later in a ford fiesta. Doesn't work right.2 hours to a call centre locate just outside pluto.
  • You G.
    @another anonymous coward WOW! It's amazing how the truth makes people so angry! You must be one of those DSGi sycophants everyone hates. Judging by your Nazi, aggressive tone, you must be well on your way to management by now, if you're not there already. I see you're hungry for innocent blood (including mine), but be warned- they'll hack you off just as quick too. If you think the company is so great, why do most customers and staff vote DSGi the worst company ever? It's winning this vote by a mile already. You are the sad minority who can't see that the company is destroying itself with its Drakonian style of tyrannical management. FIVES and CPR do nothing but alienate customers and employees. Take a look at what the world really thinks of DSGi and wake up from your pathetic wet dream...
  • David L.
    Several; Halifax - for changing my interest structure to that of a budget account, even though I've got a premium one. eBay/Paypal - for their ridiculous insistence on Paypal for auctions. DSG - due to useless 'customer service' and demoralised, over-pressurised 'sales' assistants. Local councils for changing to fortnightly bin collections, which saves them 18% of costs - yet putting Council Taxes up (Kirklees is a perfect example). UK Government plc - for stuffing up the entire country. Bella Pasta - for processed, pre-cooked, microwaved food that's inedible and way overpriced. That'll do for a start.
  • gav
    prestigio I have had so many problems with my prestigio TV this year i could actually headbutt a prestigio employee i doubt many other people have prestigio products so this probably won't make it through, but i'd like to tell everyone to never buy a prestigio thing ever!
  • NobbyB
    I think DSG do a great job of showing off items that are available to buy on the internet. If you don't want to listen to the staff, use an ipod whilst browsing.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Nice to see the old favourites.... most of the mobile phone companies, DSG, ebay, paypal, the utility companies... No one has mentioned Virgin Media yet though.... quite dissapointed about that. Have they got their act together or are they just less shit than the other shit houses?
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Please excuse spelling errors above :)
  • Pete S.
    Government's rather Orwellian Central Office of Information who waste currently £540m A YEAR on more and more pointless tax-payer-funded nanny-state advertising. Thus we're all forced to pay for advertising of a product none of us want or believe in. HALF A BILLION POUNDS A YEAR FFS!
  • Loz
    Nobody has mentioned BT yet, I'm amazed! I left because of their inability to respond to complaints *at all*, their stupid charges for the privilege of paying the bill any other way than DD, the way the bill says to pay within ten days but doesn't arrive for a fortnight so you get a late payment charge... oh and my ISP was offering phone service for basically £2 a month with free calls. Then there's BT phone / broadband contracts which last different lengths so that if you want out you will still have to pay at least six months of at least one contract - the renewals only coincide every three years >:-( I still haven't got over their incompetence when I moved house two years ago - I rang them up to give at least seven days notice, and instead of moving my line to the new address on the specified date, they cut me off and closed my account immediately. Took five weeks of me shouting at them to get reconnected, and I never got my original phone number back. I hate BT.
  • MrRobin
    Yeah there certainly hasn't been enough suggestions for public sector companies or government agencies or quangos. The gargantuan amount of our money that has been wasted on things such as national ID cards, NHS IT systems upgrade, foreign wars, uncontrolled budget deficits and associated interest etc etc etc is criminal, not to mention the numerous sensitive data loss incidents, MP expenses scandal, reduction in local authority services (e.g. bin collections), introduction on target meeting culture that detracts from providing a proper service yadda yadda yadda.
  • Andy B.
    How has no one mentioned Ryan Air yet?
  • charitynjw
  • wobinb
    Worst, sorry First Group, for "improving" our local bus service by reducing the frequency and increasing the price
  • Ten B.
    [...] Tell us something – just who or what is the worst company of 2009? [...]
  • Geggy
    Vodafone, simply useless!
  • Alistair
    Sky - For peddling 200 channels of shit - why can't I find anything to watch - how many repeats are needed and why do they make out that some repeats are first showings. What kills me most is they seem to be at the other and where they are actually a liked company. or is it just me? Shell / BP /Q8 / All other fuel resellers for being greedy bastards HM Government - for taking more and more taxes, screwing the country yet still lying about how well things are going. All Banks - Hope some of you are enjoying being civil servants Carphone Warehouse - I don't want your service and sending me something through the post every week WON'T change my mind - stopping me in the supermarket only gives me the chance to tell your reps that I'd rather not have a phone or broadband than use their service Ryanair - when will they start to charge me for looking at their website they charge for everything else Are there any plans to do a Best Company of 2009?
  • BlueBoy
    Vote here for Sky, I like the product, love my Sky Sports HD. However, as soon as anything goes wrong they have no efficient way of dealing with anything, especially when their sales guys have lied. Apparently the only way this huge media empire can accept any sort of complaint is via standard mail, despite them emailing/texting me all of the time. Tossers. DSG for the reasons given above. Trafford Borough Council, standard guidelines always win over common sense.
  • mongo g.
    British Gas bollocks, for registering an unfair default against my name and taking over 28 letter, 36 phones call and 7 months to get it removed - basically , I moved out, I told them. they overcharged me. They then continued to send letters out the address I moved from. But, all this was my fault of course. British Gas ruined my life for the best part of 1 year. Oh, and they send the debt collectors round - they got that right, as they sent them to my new address . Well done BG. Oh and the Co-op bank - another company who pretend to be all ethical, but, they'd prefer to help squirrels get laid in africa, than their own staff !
  • goon
    i think there shnould also be a best company to go alongside this i'd vote for be broadband. superb customer service and product. i also like b&q, screwfix, royal mail, scan computers, sainsburys my votes for worst are easyjet, floors2go, neu labour, all councils, home delivery network, comet i'll post more when i remeber who i hate
  • zacspeed
    3. Bunch of incompetent wankers. Shit service, shit phones, shit company.
  • Sir K.
    If you've ever been jerked around by the bollocks by those cheese eating surrender monkeys that are known as PIXMANIA, these bastards are olympic gold medalists at the dark art of pissing you about. Oh and SKY cos they are robbing bastards for trying to dick me out of 37 quid cos my box were'nt plugged in.
  • Steff
    Worst : CDISCOUNT Best: AMAZON
  • yeah
    "If you’ve ever been jerked around by the bollocks by those cheese eating surrender monkeys that are known as PIXMANIA, these bastards are olympic gold medalists at the dark art of pissing you about." strangely enough, run by the dark overlords DSGi.
  • Penny W.
    DSG couldn't give a rat arse about the 'thinking shopper', we are not the target market. They target the uninitiated consumer with methods we are too all aware of. We should thinking what methods would get them.............
  • not j.
    I know dsgi irritates peoples souls on here, but as an employee im grateful that however they did it, and i know we lost people on the way, but most staff have kept their jobs and made it through the recession which killed off stalwarts such as woolworths. You know you aren't our target market, we know that too, It seems people on here must come in to stores to have a story to tell......
  • Skymarshall O.
    Ryanair - charging you a fiver to use your own broadband and printer to check in with. Paypal - customer service and an enforced monopoly don't work. Unless you're a nigerian scammer.
  • rich
    I would have to vote for the Cobra group the door to door shit pie that it is, forces masses of people to go out for them to peddle Npower or sky or crap like that by knocking on your door to buy that bollocks! There is no point doing the best company as the telegraph do that every year, the strange thing is that the companies that win the best company or come in the top 100 also have the happiest staff make the most profit and have happy customers. Maybe some of these shit company's like DSG can learn from them or go bust I don't mind which ever because they only have a small amount of time to do one of those as customers don't give 2nd chances.
  • rich
    Sorry its the Times that do the Top 100
  • 3
    3 - for their shitty false advertising, too good to be true 'deals' o2 are great
  • Just t.
    That's 15 different people so far voting DSGi the worst UK company of 2009! Looks like they're winning. Anyone surprised?
  • Andrew R.
    DSGi most definitely
  • Stuart
    Morrisons supermarkets for treating their staff like 19th Century Mill workers. i.e A note in a staff room "Having Swine Flu is not a valid excuse for ringing in sick"
  • Sick a.
    I have a few votes: Another vote for... you guessed it - DSGi! Again, for obvious reasons stated above. I would also vote for Ebay for their crappy scammer filled website and Paypal for their method of ending disputes.
  • foureightzerosix
    DSGI. A vulgar shopping experience.
  • Tonye
    I#d vote for those annoying ringtone companies that hide the fact they are a subscription service. Also the fact their annoying ads are on MTV every f***ing five minutes. Whilst I'm on the subject - "debt consolidation" companies, and any other company who exploits both the credit crunch and the astonishing number of stupid people in this country who don't understand APR ! One last vote for ITV for inflicting all of Simon Cowell's tat on us!
  • Tonye
    @Mongo Jerry "but, they’d prefer to help squirrels get laid in africa, than their own staff !" Well it would be hugely expensive to send their own staff off to Africa to get laid ! :-)
  • Bonny R.
    Can I submit DHL as a contender for your award, they called yesterday to advise they were implementing a 15% freight rate rise on the 1st of December. We can see DHl is well "up the postal workers" and Im stuffed too. Yours etc Disgusted mail order business owner.
  • mepsipax
    DABS.COM Appalling customer service. They repeatedly send out sub-standard items, then refuse to replace or refund. I have been working in IT for a number of years, and have never come across such an unhelpful and inefficient company as Dabs. I now use Ebuyer for all my supplies. and they are everything Dabs isn't - helpful, fast and fair.
  • oilit
    Without a shadow of a doubt the worst company has to be BT - ever tried talking to them to get anything done, or to try and get them to change a line? And when they commit to do something it never gets done on time or in the correct way. I have been waiting 2 weeks for them to call me back to about disconnecting a line (which incidentally they installed 6 weeks late 5 years ago and the number that comes up when i call somebody is not the number of the line, so when you try to call me back you get a number that rings and rings but nobody knows where it is!!!) and replacing with a different residential line. For a company that is supposed to be encouraging you to talk and used to say its good to talk - it would be good if somebody at British Telecom would talk instead of routing calls to their subsidiary in India Bombay Telecom
  • oilit
    Mapsipax: - DABS is owned by ....................BT !!!!!!!!
  • trotters-independent-trading
    3 - shite coverage outside UK, misleading marketing (what a surprise!) BT - just plain plonkers
  • Janet T.
    BT, so BT. Started off by not turning up to install. then turned up and left bare wires hanging out. Overcharged me £150 for installation, call centre full of morons. I can never get problems solved with them and we ALWAYS have problems with them.
  • Ben
    Sky have the worst customer service when I'm saying worst im so mean. 4 month my landline doesn't work and I couldn't try to sort it out anymore. They get me trough the he'll 70 time. I'm so hate this company due to their atitude. I stop my payment and than they was so nice bastard. "we don't want to stop you enjoy sky" stop it and I want you stop it as I'm stop the payment to
  • DHL t.
    DHL DHL Accounts - These people are total a-holes. Anyone who has an account directly with them, please please please check your invoices against the amount you should be charged in your SLA. They constantly overcharge and it takes months to resolve the issue. Its never their fault and they are never in. So it goes through to credit control who then fine you for their FUCK UPS!!!! DHL are good at deliverying parcels, but deliver a shit admin service. DHL ACCOUNTS should deserve the award.
  • Ian
    Banks and Lloyd Shipping Limited I realise that the majority of you will not have cause to use shipping companies, but if you ever do, do not under any circumstances use Banks and Lloyd. Especially if your goods are urgently needed for big clients.
    PAYPAL - The biggest bunch of thieves on the internet, "safe" policies a load of tosh, more weasel words than a sack full of weasels, second only to FLEA BAY. their partner in legalised crime.
  • McWillo
    Expedia. Pig Awful. We really do need to put these cowboys to shame.
  • John
    CMI, Corby. - the pits.
  • rob
    paypal.......will rob you blind and allow any hacker to rob you and just sit there and do nothing to help...
  • Simon H.
    Tricky, EDF Energy have to be about the worst I have ever encountered. 8 months to resolve my issue. EDF decided to bill me for Energy at a property I dont live at. Worse I actually left the UK permanently over a year ago and the person living at the house that EDF kept billing me for was using a completely different company and provided them with all the details. To make matters worse they sent debt collectors to the guys house despite me finding that they had also been taking unauthorised payments out of my bank account using details left in the system from 2 years before!. Blame the government not the companies, these organisation could not get away with this if the government had not utterly failed to regulate them.
  • Simon H.
    hmmm but still a hard decision. PAYPAL are in the same league as EDF. ..
  • runragged
    worst of mail services......they treat their couriers with contempt take it or leave it mentality. bad part of dx group.
  • Ahmed
    The worst clinical company I had the misfortune to come across was Richmond Pharmacology. They are the most unprofessional and disrespectful group I have even come across.
  • memory r.
    Hi, do you know where I should r arr a rrr piraaaatz
  • sickntired
    I second Ahmend..........Richmond Pharmacology is the worst ever!
  • me N.
  • Sulky S.
    Hands and feet above them all is LG A workplace so oppressive even the furniture is depressed. Korean culture means no women in senior jobs at all, no one other than Koreans as senior management team, so CEO, CFO etc, not one single woman director. Many teams in LG Slough run on fear, fear of upsetting the Koreans as they just sack people or they vanish overnight, with pay offs. Customer service does not exist and internally you cannot say the mobile or TV does not work or is rubbish even if it is, they cannot be seen to lose face and no one will complain to anyone more senior than them. Hence why they have no IPhone rival still. The want to be number 1, yes number place not to work in the UK
  • chic
    mitie uk. who don't give their painting employees any basic wage -- only price work -- which they call bonus -- if u don't like the price -- too bad & if u don't make the price -- you could walk out at the end of the week with £60-- .
    Tesco is so Worst to work and Really Painful to work…….. They Never Take Care of the Employees……… They Want the Money from Employees work…….. The Pay is ok. Tesco Employees Racist, Freak Managers. I wonder the Tesco should Stand at the First Place in the Row of Worst Place to Work………
  • Chas
    LG UK IS THE WORSR COMPANY in the world to work for. Depressive workplace with no morale no motivation and its basically full of koreans- everyone else are just servants to koreans. The canteen- korean. The first language in the building- korean. The employees- korean. Its so horrible. They make u work late as its frowned upon to leave on time. They really dont give a shit about employees. And you can forget abt personal development. Working there is a waste of time in your career.
  • Al C.
    Careline is the worst place to work on and to contract. As in every ship drowning, mice are the last to come out.
  • Andy m.
    The worst compny I worked in my life is swiftcover now called as Axa personal lined. Racist and thinks brown and black as Slaves.

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