Health and safety wouldn't stand for it these days...

From 1965, all hail... the Daddy Saddle!


[Kenner Collector]


  • Boris
    I have one of these, papa and I had such jolly fun. Now I use it with some of my ladies and have such jolly fun. Good times eh readers?
  • Tonto
    Who's yer fuckin' daddy?!?
  • Zorro
    These are available to purchase today you fools. I have one and I often trot into town to purchase my lotion with my son on my back. He is 14. Great fun.
  • zeddy
    Seconds of entertainment...
  • naturally
    "Daddy" prefers when I ride him bareback
  • Boris
    Seconds for you zeddy but thanks to my tantric training I can do a full minute. Yeeee-haaaaaaa!
  • lumoruk
    Daddy tells me never to speak of our 'fun time' using our daddy saddle. For some reason, I have a violent tendancy towards father figures.

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