Has Boxing Day given way to new days for sales?

sales For years, the sales on Boxing Day have been a staple in the British consumer calendar, but thanks to things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it has become a bit pointless. That's not to say the shops won't be trying to woo you with Boxing Day sales either, but rather, does anyone have the appetite for it now if they've spent-up, pre-Christmas?

Boxing Day footfall fell in 2011 and continued up 'til last year. With the pre-Christmas sales being a much bigger deal in 2014, it looks like a trend that will continue. There'll be a good number of retail staff hoping that this is right, and that Boxing Day sales die so everyone can have the day off.

Diane Wehrle, at Springboard, said: "The special nature of Boxing Day is diminishing. It is possibly coming to the end of its life cycle. Culturally in Britain, Boxing Day is still a day when people shop, while Black Friday is a relatively new import from the US."

"But Boxing Day is no longer what it used to be, partly because the sales are starting before Christmas, so there is less impetus to rush out to the shops after Christmas, and partly because of the growth of online shopping."

Analysts are so keen to work out consumer trends, that they've pinpointed the hour which will be busiest for Christmas shoppers. So when should you avoid the High Street? Tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd between 1pm and 2pm. Tough luck if that's your dinner hour. Take a packed lunch or something.

Visa reckon £1.3bn is going to be spent during this period. Or rather, Visa are hoping everyone goes mental and they can rack up loads of money while you go wild with your card.

What is predicted for the quietest hour of shopping for the week? 3pm on Christmas Eve, where those with nerves of steel/a laissez faire attitude to Christmas will be wondering around thinking: "that'll do - people should be grateful they're getting anything off me, really."

So there you have it. Lots of predictions that will ring hollow in your mind as the High Street proves to be frustratingly busy for the whole Christmas period while you're trying to not assault all those walking painfully slowly, ten abreast and getting in your way. Happy holidays, and all that!

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