Grooveshark - now dead

Grooveshark - the music app - is no more. When you visit the site, you're met with a letter from 'your friends at Grooveshark', detailing why the service is being shut down.

As the letter points out, the team think they've made some "serious mistakes" by failing to "secure licenses from rights holders for the vast majority of music on the service".

grooveshark rip

The music industry clearly went after Grooveshark, leaving them to make this grovelling apology and "as part of a settlement with the major record companies, we have agreed to cease operations immediately."

The message was posted yesterday, and will be a blow for those who didn't want to sign up for Spotify and the like. Still, it isn't surprising that the lawyers of the music business won out over little Grooveshark. The company had been accused of illegally sharing almost 5,000 songs and if they'd been found guilty, that could have seen them slapped with a damages bill of £480m.

"This is an important victory for artists and the entire music industry," said the Recording Industry Association of America in a statement.

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  • Jessie J. The new name for Grooveshark!!

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