Groceries delivered to the airport for when you land

7 August 2012

tesco NEWThere's nothing worse than an empty fridge when you get back off your holidays. You're itching for a brew and all you have is stale milk and half a tea-bag.

Well, Tesco have come up with a natty solution by announcing that they'll be offering a service where they'll deliver your groceries to you as soon as you get back from your holidays.

Tesco are calling it 'the UK’s first interactive virtual grocery store' and it unveiling at Gatwick Airport, which basically allows outbound travellers to choose products and book a home delivery slot for their return. Whether the delivery van will actually turn up on-time is another matter.

Basically, by scanning barcodes with your smartphone, you'll be able to add products to online baskets. It sounds tedious, but there's very little else to do at airports.

Ken Towle, Tesco’s internet retailing director, said: "The virtual store blends clicks and bricks, bringing together our love of browsing with the convenience of online shopping."

Shut up Ken.

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  • Her L.
    Or go to a shop on the way home. Hey Tesco, how are those profits looking?
  • DM999
    I'm surprised the wankers don't have their own airline yet, the shit bags.
  • Marky M.
    These virtual shelves where you scan QR codes with your phone have been on the Seoul underground system for ages -- and they're from Tesco.
  • Alan
    Or you could just shop online normally before you go on holiday and book a delivery slot for when you get back
  • Sicknote
    The last thing I need it some spaz from Tescopoloy lurching up to me at the airport with bags full of sweaty fruit and veg and liquid ice cream. I choose not to shop at Tesco and I sleep very well at night.
  • Wongaporkpies
    No wonder a large bottle of Tesco Kick now cost £1.30 instead of 99p. It is to pay for these bastard devices
  • Smith
    You can now check online for all the world airports that will accept pre-order and delivery on arrival.

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