Greggs staff suspended for having cakes that were meant for the bin

Greggs - the purveyors of the finest food on the planet - are showing the strength of their pimp-hand as, what is reported to be nine members of staff, have been suspended after they took some cakes that were going to be thrown away.

Everyone knows that bin-cakes are the best cakes.

One of the staff wrote in an online forum: "I was one of those suspended because I took four cakes home. They had CCTV fitted in and didn't say anything to the staff."

Greggs patrons are, of course, outraged, replying to the post with disgust, saying that the suspension was a "disgrace". As they were lovely bin-cakes, one wrote: "Isn't it better that someone takes it home and eats it?" with another adding that the "nice ladies brightened my lunch hour" because they "always remember what you want".

Greggs themselves are declining to talk about this incident (presumably preferring to horse a load of delicious festive bakes down their holes) as it isn't policy to comment on internal matters.

And if you're wondering, this Greggs was in South London.


  • Kevin
    If the rules say you can't do it don't be surprised if you get done for doing it. The fact it's stupid has ZERO to do with it.
  • Cmdr D.
    If Greggs are using CCTV without informing staff, surely they are breaking RIPA?
  • Im G.
    And who said all publicity is good publicity! RIPA them a new arsehole, ex employees!
  • bob
    hope they take advantage of those no win no fee ads now they jobless!
  • callum
    This is standard procedure in ALL places. Presumably because there is no way of knowing whether those cakes genuinely should have been thrown out or not. They could have just marked stuff that was sell-able as "waste" and then stolen it.
  • ianpeters4
    Thought all Gregs cakes were meant for the bin; don't see what the issue is.
  • Chris
    I work for a fast food company, and the amount of waste we produce is unbelieveable. However, I also understand the rules of we have to count it and keep it for 24 hours for stock control - otherwise, who's to say we're not stealing it in the first place?
  • B-Y
    This is the same policy in most companies producing food stuffs. If you let staff take products when they're for the bin then ultimately some, not all, will take things that aren't meant for the bin. Fact of the matter is they were doing something they shouldn't have been, it's their own fault they got caught.
  • B-Y
    It's also worth thinking about what this says about the staff. If they're aren't following these rules, what other's aren't they following? Maybe not washing their hands after breaks or cleaning equipment to company standards. Or if they think cakes meant for the bin are fine to take home and eat, what about the pasty they dropped on the floor briefly before putting back on the shelf to sell to customers or the doughnuts no-one's sure of how old they are but they "look" alright so they're sold anyway? Me, I'm glad they're feeling a bit of pain, hopefully if they make it back to a job customers can use the place again knowing everything's up to scratch.
  • Spencer
    this is an outrage. that is all.
  • Louise
    I agree it's a stupid rule, but as others have said, if you're told as an employee not to do something that could get you suspended/disciplined, don't do it. I worked for a company that recycled unsold newspapers, magazines, and some even had the free gifts many mags have. Years ago employees used to take the odd lipstick, free packet of sweets, CD, whatever. Then the company found out some employees were selling these free promo gifts in markets all over the city. Obviously reselling expired Greggs' cakes and sandwiches is unlikely in this case, but the company I was with laid down the law from then on that it was considered theft and a sackable offence. What it does highlight, though, is that one man's trash is another's treasure, and it's a shame that they couldn't give the food to others as a charitable gesture.
  • Barry
    Been there, seen staff done for that. Worked in an Alldays, they fitted hidden cameras, even the assistant manager got sacked. He knew all about the hidden cameras, but not the extra two they fitted with mic's to see what he was up to with the manager. Worked out well for me though, I ended up running the place. The amount of waste was pretty disgusting, we never done any reductions and had no staff discount.
  • Sid
    I used to work for Greggs and I've seen senior managers dismissed for taking product and not paying. To make it worse, Greggs staff get a 50% discount, so it's pretty clear it's not about the money, it's the principle and being able to follow simple rules. Not all food gets binned at the shop, some is returned to the bakery for disposal. Greggs also run second day shops, so the food may not have been destined for the bin but for those stores. In response to the suggestion about giving the goods at the end of the day to charity, the charities are really choosy about what they want and when they want it, they often want it delivering too. It would only be a matter of time before the old food was being sold in other stores. I know of local bakers shops buying from the Greggs second day shops, then selling the food for full price. Quite a bit of the waste food is reprocessed for animal feed.
  • Russ
    Most of the swill those cunts sell is only fit for the bun, worst belgian buns I have ever had
  • Richard
    Similar comment to one already posted, but, if you let staff eat the buns which are misshaped or whatever and should be thrown away then it encourages them to make misshaped buns and the company loses out.
  • Mr M.
    Simple verbal warning would be the common sense approach, unfortunately to get ahead in management you need to show a distinct lack of this.
  • kv
    theft is theft, a suspension is getting off lightly. they could have easily fired the staff.
  • Angela
    Its a joke that companies would rather bin stuff than let their hard working, underpaid employees take it home. I could understand if they worked at the royal mint but its a few cakes, get a grip!!
  • The m.
    Outrageous , is all I can say, mmm pies are lovely....
  • WTF
  • David S.
    Bloody stupid. If they had stolen them then fine, suspensions would have been appropriate. But if it was meant for the bin, then why the hell could they not take them?
  • lorraine
    Should not be put in the bin in the first place! Why not send it to a homeless shelter or some other charity there are lots about that would like a treat.
  • Gabriella
    This would be classed as theft. Mcdonald's sack staff for eating chips so don't be surprised Gregg's will sack staff for taking cakes that should be binned or better still given to the vulnerable or charity.
  • Zleet
    Isn't one of the perks of working such a shitty job being able to get free food? I've had family members who worked in various Coffee shops and cafe's who were always bringing back stuff that was going out of date the next day.
  • chris_moneyandi
    haha, this is just ridiculous....
  • abdul s.
    I work for greggs and i pinch loads everyday ! All they're bosses are wankers ! HaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lolwut
    Wah wah wah shit job deserve more blah blah. I don't get how pay has anything to do with this or how even you should get rubbish service because staff are poorly paid. They should be grateful that they have a job and they know what to do if they don't like the pay. Im underpaid in a skilled job myself, I know to either do something about it or leave if I am unhappy. At the end of the day they did something that is clearly against their employment contract. What's not clear about that? Plus you're never going to pick up £50k serving cakes.
  • great s.
    I once had a very satisfying belguim biscuit from greggs
  • Tim B.
    David SH - They DID steal it. That's kinda the point.
  • I n.
    Little Chef , Greggs, Macdonalds they all have sacked people for taking 'waste' products. If the rules say no it means no. No sympathy for the thieving bastards then again no sympathy for any of the aforementioned places of food supply as they all serve shit food!
  • Dan
    Its not technically stealing if its a waste product. Greggs and many other food places have rules for holding foods for certain amounts of time due to health and safety, if they deem a products binworthy then it must be thrown, if someone gets sick after eating a waste product, who is liable? the company is for letting them eat it, just do ya fucking job and throw it or dont make as much and there wont be any waste.
  • Phil K.
    Well Mof (MOF, FFS ?????) I dunno if you were trying to be witty (failed dramatically) or outraged but that story was disgrace all round. Greggs dispicable behaviour in London(their sites back home in Newcastle are nowhere near as bad) or the dismal quality of the writing.
  • Phil K.
    Oh - and Gabriella's comment is typical brainless middle class beware - wimmin "thinking"
  • Dick
    @Dan - "Its not technically stealing if its a waste product." It is. It is still someone's property, so it is theft.
  • Mum
    Gregs taste like a dry nuns snatch on the third day of lent, let them eat it all
  • Anonymous
    Surely if it's a waste product, someone eating it and getting the benefit from it is better than wasting it? Irrelevant of ownership, what are Gregg's going to do with it? They aren't going to eat it, it's already been discarded. Let someone use the food rather than wasting it!
  • Chrissy
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