Greggs refuses to sell Eccles Cakes to the people of Eccles during Eccles Cake week

Greggs Greggs, the land of the steak bake and the phrase "it's just-warm", is unfathomably refusing to sell Eccles cakes, in Eccles, while they celebrate Eccles Cake Week.

"We sell products for which strong demand exists and Greggs made the commercial decision to stop selling Eccles cakes in its north-west stores around a decade ago, after customer demand for the product in the region declined significantly," a spokesperson said.

Between October 7th and 13th, Eccles will be having their first dedicated festival celebrating its famous cake. You'll be able to partake in an Eccles cake-off, have cake-themed storytime and join a cake decoration workshop. Presumably, as its a festival, there'll be lots of drug taking and public nudity too.

The Greggs snub hasn't impressed Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes who called the whole thing 'disgraceful', adding: "As far as we’re concerned our Eccles cakes sell really well. In fact, they’re one of the top selling cakes in supermarkets."

You think they'd stop moaning and cash in, but obviously, the world of Eccles cakes is worse than the criminal underworld. Don't be surprised if someone from Greggs wakes up with an Eccles cake with a thumb in it, in their bed.


  • samuri
    i really don't give a fuck
  • Harold
    Hate Eccles cakes, hate Eccles as it is a dump and full of scrotes.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    Without Gregs selling them WHERE will anyone up there be able to go to get them???!!! It's not like EVERY single supermarket sells them or that there are any independent bakeries which could and probably do make them!
  • bored r.
    Slow news day?
  • Alexis
    But Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes are made just off the A6 near Gorton????
  • Reser
    Ok what? They stopped selling them 10 years ago and you are reporting it now? Is this the most outdated news yet?
  • Tony
    As big Mozza says, Eccles cakes themselves are not even made in Eccles anymore! Party on dudes
  • John R.
    A least show the Eccles branch of Greggs.
  • fuqstix
    Never been in a Greggs; now I feel justified. The utter bastards.
  • Miss O.
    Greggs is for fat birds and their shitty-arse kids. An Eccles cake would be like a "wafer-thin mint" for Mr Creosote. "Three dozen sausage rolls, a dozen doughnuts, fourteen empire biscuits and a bottle of diet coke."
  • Tim
    If they did sell them, this article would be "Greggs steal custom from local bakers by selling Eccles cakes during Eccles cake week in Eccles" If the people of Eccles want to eat an Eccles cake during Eccles cake week, why don't they support the bakers of Eccles by buying an Eccles cake from an Eccles based Eccles cake baker?

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