Greggs are doing the unthinkable: going healthy

Greggs Greggs' accountants have been on the phone and told of a slump in profits. With that, Greggs are now aiming to be healthier, in a bid to win back business, which is terrible news.

They'll also be making a move into giving everyone the opportunity to make mobile phone payments when they go in to pay £1.09 for a pastie.

The company want to increase sales of products below 400 calories, when maybe, they might see a growth if they make the most unhealthy food imaginable, thereby making it a guilty pleasure and joining in the Britain's current fetishisation of greasy burgers and the like.

Less health. More junk!

"We've got a significant number of products, particularly in the sandwich range, that qualify under that banner and we want to make more of that as part of the sandwich work that we're doing," Chief Executive Roger Whiteside told Reuters on Wednesday.

Either way, they'll have more butties, won't be stopping the sale of sausage rolls and you'll be able to pay for stuff with your phone, so there you go. Welcome to the Greggs of the future.


  • Han S.
    Nice healthy mince pie!
  • Seriously t.
    Whinge when then don't promote healthier stuff . . . Whinge when they do! I love the insanely over the top 'current fetishisation' of burgers and other greasy food in Britain. Yep, greasy food is new to Britain.
  • MM
    Hopefully by mobile payments, they mean Droplet.
  • Mr W.
    It's always a good idea to have some healthy options nowadays for those bean eaters and salad munchers but give me those stodgy pasties and greasy sausage rolls.

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