Goodbye Threshers, hello Greggs!

Greggs Sadly (at least for the staff) hundreds of branches of Threshers are closing. Popular opinion seems to suggest that this is happening because Threshers’ range of booze is overpriced and can be trounced every which way by most supermarkets.

So those soon-to-be-deserted stores need to filled by a retailer with a different outlook, one that offers good products at good value prices… STEP FORWARD GREGGS!

Oh yes, the masterful purveyors of pasties, pies and the occasional bit of bread aren’t going to make Britain any healthier than Threshers were but they’re a company on the up and with plans to open 600 new shops in the UK, 100 of those could be in old, abandoned Threshers branches.

Greggs CEO Ken McMeikan said ominously: “Our property team is looking at the Thresher estate. We look at every chain that goes into administration. It would probably be in the region of less than 10% of the portfolio.”

We see a future where there is one branch of Greggs for every man, woman and child in this country. And we like it.


  • Jeffrey A.
    Bean and sausage slices ftw!
  • Bo
  • Andi
    "We see a future where there is one branch of Greggs for every man, woman and child in this country. And we like it." I lived for four years in the beautiful city of Carlisle, where this glorious vision is already a reality.
  • Frank W.
    There's something about the people who buy stuff from Greggs that says 'I have lost all self-respect'.
  • test
    @ Andi, same as Slumderland then, Greggs on every street corner. Parents give greggs dummies (sausage rolls) to their kids to shut them up. I see we've finally got a late night opening one in Newcastle though which is good
  • Peter
    What's a Greggs? Ahh, is it the funny colour shop that's busy at lunchtime? What does it sell - top shelf magazines or something worse?
  • Mick T.
    Worse, far worse, you'll not kill yourself by consuming too much top shelf porn (just go blind)
  • Gadget 4.
    You can't beat a greggs mexican chicken sandwhich!
  • securityisparamount
    In Croydon Greggs has security guards. (they are not a new type of bake for anyone curious)
  • TFEB
    Frenchbread pizza with chicken followed by an apple turnover. lol
  • The B.
    In Croydon everything has security guards.
  • me
    yes yes yes the frenchbread pizza! And the chicken + bacon baugette. Had noticed several new greggs around here (3 to be precise) suppose it makes sense now! Didnt take over the old woolies though - 99p store has just moved in there...
  • Mark
    Good to see someone's still willing to sell a sandwich for under three quid.
  • CarlisleGreggsMuncher
    At least with Greggs pies and pasties you don'r just get a load of pastry with a smudge of filling inside. We've only got 6 branches of Greggs in Carlisle.... That's only two more than the number of Premier Inns we've got!!
  • Dan
    ...Imagine that;a greggs the bakers the size of a woolworths store, thats HOT! :-)
  • Brian
    Brian here, one of my Greggs has really nice chicks working there, then another a few Streets away has really OLD BATS who put you off your food.
  • MrB
    Its nearly Xmas, so greggs have the good ole festive bake back in.. £1.09 never tasted so good.
  • Threshers E.
    Well i hope Greggs take on some of the 5 Threshers stores in the Kemptown area of Brighton ! Especially my store in Rock Street ! My shop closes on December 2nd and i'll be unemployed !
  • john h.
    The greggs cornish pastie is rubbish

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