Good cheer from Morrisons and Argos...

Morrisons Here’s a couple of ‘incentives’ from a couple of retailers that are designed to put a smile on your face and have you marching through their doors with your back straightened and your gait filled with purpose.

First up is Morrisons. In an attempt to get you to visit one of their supermarketing establishments and ignore all the others, they’re now accepting money-off vouchers from their rivals Sainsbury’s Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Waitrose.

But tread carefully dear reader – it seems that not EVERY Morrisons store is participating in the scheme, so do your homework before you unveil a fistful of vouchers at the checkout. Other crushing disappointments are available.

Additionally, over at Argos, if you take in a used toy, you’ll get a voucher entitling you to £5 off a £35 purchase of a new toy. All donated toys will go to Barnardo’s and they’ll be passed on to underprivileged children in time for Christmas. Go on, people – spread the love…

(thanks to HotUKDeals members Orcinus_orca and jockettuk1)

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  • captain c.
    Starting at 500MB of data per month, cunningly the SAME amount of data you can download in one go before the battery goes flat!!

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