Going to hospital? Order a burger while you're there...

A sick child with a hospital burger

Miami Herald columnist, Dave Barry, once said: "Mother Nature clearly intended for us to get our food from the patty group, which includes hamburgers, fish sticks, and McNuggets- foods that have had all of their organs safely removed."

But what about humans that have also had all their organs removed? Well, they'll be able to tuck into a burger before they've even left hospital (or indeed, the transit from hospital bed to meat grinder has now been shortened considerably).

Yep. Some hospitals are a bit skint so they've been utilising their space by moving fast food chains in.

Naturally, this has seen a few newsrags going ape and spouting about the costs of fixing Britain's obese and that plonking dirty great burgers in front of them is tantamount to treason.

Apparently, if you go to South London, to the hospital in Croydon, you'll find a Burger King outlet inside. Also, if you get your sickly arse down to the Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge, you could ask for a blended burger to be dolloped in your drip.

Of course, there is a half decent point to the notion that having junk food around cardiology wards is a bit daft... "best steer clear of red meat, salt and fatty foods... just ignore the smell of those delicious Whoppers for now...". The National Obesity Forum has fainted at the news, claiming that this shows that the NHS are ‘effectively endorsing’ fast food by allowing it to be sold on its premises.

Thus far, forty of England’s 170 NHS Trusts have rented space to fast food restaurants and five more are set to open (according to reports).

That said, is it any different from the old kiosks and grotty cafes that used to appear in hospitals selling crisps and chocolate bars and all manner of unhealthy crap? Probably not, but that's not a very good scoop for a national newspaper eh? Anyway, who fancies a McTumour?

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  • Nobby
    Our local hospital cafe has muffins all the way around the serving desk, and does a larger range of pies and sausage rolls than sandwiches. And no salads.
  • Lou
    Burger king in Southampton Hospital. Makes me laugh to see the fatties outside the main entrance smoking and chewing on burgers, until I realise it's probably my tax money that's paying for it all.
  • JR
    Eh, Addenbrookes has had the McDonalds there as long as I can remember (went to sixth form near it several years ago). Nothing new here. And it's next to a variety of other food outlets, including a soup place and that-one-that-does-the-sandwiches. Or it was, haven't been back in a while. Nothing to make a fuss about, surely? Wrote a bit out about chocolate/nuts/etc, but realised it was covered in the final paragraph. Anywho, the Daily Mail is clearly damned silly.
  • Mark P.
    I believe in market forces but I do think this is taking the piss. The NHS has a massive budget so why do they need to contract out the restaurants to the fast food chains?
  • Statix83
    Yeah Addenbrooks has had once since at least 2001, @JR - though I thought it was a burgerking, not mcdonalds Good old lunch break for those at Long Road 6th form :) Addenbrooks was also the only place I knew where you could get £5 notes out of cash machines, which was quite handy for your fast food fix when you had less than a tenner in your account.
  • The B.
    Havne't Guys Hospital have a Maccy D's for about 15 years? Incidentally the hospital in Croydon is Mayday and the name says everything you need to know about it, if you get run over and they say they're taking you there, get the hell out of the ambulance even if it's travelling at high speed, you'll have a better chance of survival.
  • wonky h.
    Fucks me off, these people has fucked up smoking for everyone, they have started on drink and now its food. cunts.
  • bob
    The last time I looked having a takeaway wasn't unhealthy, just if you eat that crap everyday.

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