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7 December 2010

worst company logoHave you nominated anyone for the Bitterwallet Worst Company In Britain 2010 award yet? If you haven’t, why is that? Do you saunter blithely through life, content with everything you encounter? Does nothing at all make you curl up in a ball, crippled by rage, vowing to get revenge on those who have provoked said rage? You know, like your gas supplier or the shop that sold you that dodgy hat?

Now is your moment to extract your revenge. Name and shame them and set the ball rolling towards them being named as the crappiest company in the UK over the past year.

Nominations started YESTERDAY and go on until midnight on Friday. You can nominate any company that has completely got your goat as long as they operate in the UK (sorry, haters of Finland’s wretched Poopoopi chain of hot dog shops).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • Jocky W.
    As yesterday (and also now on my page on wikipedia) ... Mr Patel’s. £9 for a four pack of Tennetts Super. Cunt.
  • Phillip C.
    3 Mobile for the wankiest service this planet has and is ever likely to see. Finally admitted several months down the line that they sold be a SKYPE handset that isn't compatible with SKYPE all the time (yeah, figure that). Still chasing some foreign call centre for a mystery compensation cheque. 3 Mobile, avoid like the plague.
  • Toby W.
    The glorious phone operator 3. I have been with them since 2003, and as such have to call them one every 12 month months or so due to renewal desires, that they never remind me about. The reason they don't remind of thsi fact is that they know that when I ask for the latest phone, they will say it is unavailable, discontinued or that there is none in the channel. I then ask for my PAK code, and get through to someone who offers to get it to me the next day. Then, if I pay for the handset, they will charge me twice and refuse to give me a refund until their next billing run. The saving grace, and why I am still with them, is that I am customer service manager by trade, and can smell weakness and a limited script at twenty paces. By writing off an hour of my life, I have always got the latest handset on the best tariff for the shortest contract I could ask for by basically swallowing my pride and bullying them into submission. You get what you pay for. . . .
  • Johnters
    ebay / paypal.
  • Julian A.
    Paypal...utter cunts.
  • You w.
    DSGI or whatever they're called now. Utterly useless staff
  • me
  • Clare O.
    Dixons (part of DSG International) If you could take GCSE's in incompetence, this lot would get an A*.
  • John
    City Link. Sh*tty Link more like....
  • Caroline O.
    Carpet Right. Terrible service, lying bastards, hard sell DONT be sucked in to the bull shit whatever you do!
  • colin
    Dixons retail / DSGI / Currys / PC World, there business model is too Extended Warranty Central. There target for there extended warranty / insurance is 50% discussion!!
  • JJ
    Ebay/Paypal Anyone remember how bittrwallet fixed the vote last year for that company by having them as seperate entities, yet grouped others like DSGI. None of that nonsense this year thanks.. ebay/paypal are the same thing.
  • Brett
    3 Lying filth who's customer service is by far the worst I have ever known. Closely followed by TalkTalk. Closely followed by AOL
  • Nobby
    DSGI all do the same thing just with a different badge on - sell overpriced crap to retards. eBay and PayPal may be owned by the same company, but they do very different things. Therefore they should go in as separate entries.
  • David
    TalkMobile for their crappy customer support that takes weeks to sort out the simplest of issues. Dixons (whatever) just for being Dixons (or whatever).
  • yak
    i dont really understand all the hate for curry's etc, whenever I've seen something at a reasonable price, I go in or go online and buy it... if i get asked if i want an extended warranty i just smile and say no thanks. Not had a problem with deliveries. Orange on the otherhand... f-ing useless... didnt send me the phone i ordered, then after being lied to by several members of staff about the order, they began charging me for the sim card I'd cancelled, that I'd never used as i didnt have a phone to put it in!! Boils my piss, so it does
  • Noni M.
    Ludlow Thompson. They're the biggest bunch of lying, incompetent shitbag estate agents on the planet (yes, I'm including Foxtons) and the worst part is, is that they're everywhere in London. Because of their call centre way of managing properties (from over 100 miles away in Worcester), it means that as soon as they have your money you no longer have a person who actually knows the properties who you can actually go to to sort out all of the fucking mess that they've created; all you have is a clueless prick who may or may not pick up the phone and who only responds to emails after you threaten to make a complaint.
  • Internet T.
    Is bitterwallet a company?..
  • Jeff L.
    Got to be Barclays Bank... utter C*nts!
  • Darren
    Premier Foods. Mouse in loaf x1 Pebble in beans x1 Shit in Loaf x2 Need I say more?
  • Elias
    The Co-op Bank. Applied for a basic bank account - took two and a half months and numerous phone calls to find out why they'd declined it based on "discrepancies" with correct information. Turns out they have a marker on their systems from three years ago when I applied, with again correct details, for the same account, basically saying I'm a fraudster/money launderer and not to be trusted. Only found this out after many, many calls, running around and posting them documents which they simply didn't need but asked for anyway. 50 quid compensation. Cuntsacks.

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