Get voting! Worst Company of 2011 poll closes tonight!

wcb-2011-deal-FINAL If you weren’t already aware, we are currently in the process of selecting the Worst Company In Britain of 2011, with just two wretched companies left over from the long, long, list of nominations that came from the brains of you lot.

We’re left with just TalkTalk and Groupon and the voting so far has been intense with the current score pretty close. You’ve only got until midnight to make your voice heard so get voting NOW.

If you want to catch up with how we whittled the long list down to the terrible twosome, you can see all the voting here.


  • Richard K.
    Surely Tesco must still be in the running with all their rip off 'deal' scams, shoddy goods and terrible customer service?
  • Yodel
    Those 50 last second votes cost us nothing! We just told our 'delivery agents' to chuck the last few parcels into the gardern and get home to vote at 11:59. The £250 we promised Andy is being 'delivered' in a brown paper envelope by out top agent. You will never have sight nor sound of it Dawson! Yodel : WINNING!

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