Get this - Microsoft accuse Comet of flogging pirated software

Bitterwallet - music pirates Comet have been sinking into the financial mire for a long time now, but their reputation could soon be on a par with the likes of Piers Morgan – that’s because they’ve been accused of mass software piracy. No, really.

Microsoft have accused Comet of creating and selling more than 94,000 counterfeit copies of Windows recovery discs, with Bill Gates’ goon squad launching legal proceedings against the hapless electrical chain. They claim that Comet produced the discs in a factory in Hampshire and then sold them to customers to customers that bought computers that had been pre-loaded with Windows Vista and Windows XP in their stores across the land. Which is pretty grim if it’s true.

This sounds like a story that will run and run – in the meantime, we’re off down to our nearest Comet to see if they’ve got any DVDs of that new Muppet film that’s out in the cinemas next month....

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  • Kyoto
    Do you need a copywriter? You can pay me in biscuits
  • Grumpy
    Flogging pirated software? That's no better than looting. They should be strung up for that. Bloody buggering bastards.
  • heywood j.
    Pirating windows vista is like stealing polishing cloths from a jewellers
  • Matt F.
    Well done to Comet. From what I understand speaking to someone who worked there the computers already had a license to the operating system as it had been preinstalled legitimately, Comet provided recovery media where not provided by the manufacturer just to allow customers to reinstall the operating system (if so required), presumably with customer's best interests at heart. The technicality that microsoft is enforcing is they dispute Comet was allowed to their own media with preinstalled computers. Let get the facts right..
  • Tim
    Odd one given they're supplying recovery discs for licenced versions of Windows that people bought with the PCs. However, piracy or not, the practice of charging for recovery discs or especially the original install discs is wrong. It's been going on for a long time though and it's widespread. Even Dell do it, though they do provide their own recovery solution for free now, but not the original discs you've essentially paid for and they then charge extra for. Maybe that's what Microsoft are going after.
  • Zleet
    Seems a little petty if every disc was sold with a computer that had a valid key? If they are actually charging extra for discs then MS should kick them in the balls.
  • great s.
    PC World charge for creating recovery discs included in their set up fee for new laptops. Told me it would take 5 hours & costs about £20. Did it myself in less than 2 hours.
  • Sicknote
    To be crystal clear about what M$ has gotten pissy about. Comet produced under their own initiative versions of system recovery discs that customers could use to recover their systems; these discs are normally sourced from M$ directly when the OEM purchases a truck load of licenses. It's that lost revenue that M$ will be be seeking to recover from Comet and may only be a few quid difference but on a large scale a sizeable lump of cash. It will not affect the customers; the PC's they purchased and the OEM's. Customers in possession of these discs can return them to M$ for replacement at no cost under their anti-fraud programme.
  • catweazle
    If these discs can indeed fix Vista, then they should be getting sued by the Magic Circle.
  • Microsoft
    Hi guys! Just popped in to explain things in a frendly-type way. We're really just collecting a bit of cash off Comet before they bite the dust. We do their accounting software and they are in deep doody you see. Not that we secretly spy on the data our customers have or anything like that.
  • Ian
    PC World seem to be still selling recovery media ??
  • Jack
    Initially I thought "THE CUNTS!" But no, if the Windows computers that they are selling have valid keys, surely they can produce a backup / recovery disc to go with them? I think the questionable part is actually selling it to the customer as perhaps it is only something the customer can do themselves with no money involved.
  • Jack
    (e.g. if Comet are going around charging £20 for this then it's wrong, as the software has no value and is something they have put no work into apart from burning. It could mislead customers)
  • John
    Jack - I don't believe that is the case, as far as I'm aware when a company ships a machine with Windows preinstalled, if they want to also include a Windows install DVD they have to pay extra even though the disc itself doesn't have the license as it uses the one on the machine. This is why most PCs now do not ship with Windows install CD/DVDs and instead have a recovery partition on the machine with the option to burn that recovery image to DVD when the cost of a Windows install DVD would seem to be pennies. John
  • Mike H.
    To be fair, after using Vista most people won't want to restore it when it fucks up after a week.
  • I'm g.
    Mick Hock I agree with you. Marry me?
  • Lost B.
    [...] might have read, creating replacement Windows discs is easy, and every major PC maker will …Get this – Microsoft accu…Bitterwalletall 324 news [...]

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