Get ready for Powa-Tag

7 March 2014

POWA-TAG! It sounds like a playground game, but it’s actually another way to buy stuff on your phone. And Lord knows we need more of that!

Powa-Tag is a UK based start up that helps you buy things on your mobile while you’re in store (or outside) – and it’s got some powerful big retailers on its side, too.

240 retailers, including HarperCollins, Reebok, Argos and Adidas, are all in partnership with the Point and Click app, which uses QR codes so that you can make instant purchases in a shop without having to queue for the tills. Or you can buy when a shop is closed, or have stuff delivered to you if the store you’re in is out of stock. Basically, you can point your phone at a shop window and buy stuff at midnight when it’s shut. WEIRD.

The app also allows stores to bombard target customers with special offers – which won’t be irritating at all!

But…aren’t QR codes a bit 2009? Wouldn't it put sales assistants out of a job? And if you want to buy on your mobile, wouldn’t it be easier just to go home, put the kettle on and browse the online store, rather than lurking about outside an empty shop in the middle of the night, waving your phone about?

This old lady is confused.

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