GearBest's customers are not happy

You may have seen GearBest knocking around, selling video games, gadgets, clothes and all that, but it looks like there's a lot of people that are desperately unhappy with them.

One reader got in touch with us and said: "Ordered from Gearbest 4 items the promised 3-5 days when nothing came I emailed them they gave me a false tracking number... thanks to this scam £186 taken from my account", adding: "they said payment was made into their paypal account £186 inc insurance, I am so mad and gutted for my kids, i doubt i get my money back they have lied in emails (at least 20!)"

So we decided to look into it a little further and it seems like problems aren't uncommon with GearBest. There's been complaints of issues with shipping and money being taken multiple times.

Elsewhere, people who have shopped with GearBest have said: "I FEEL CHEATED! Deducted 3 times from credit card for cancelled item!" which no confirmation emails for products and featuring items that are out of stock, taking the money for them and leaving customers in limbo. On top of that, customers have said that GearBest aren't exactly forthcoming with information when they've been sent queries.

One customer, unsatisfied with the slow return on emailing with problems noted that the helpline requires you to call long-distance, saying that the whole thing was the "worst experience of my life."

Another complaint said: "Ordered tablets from this website, they're now asking for pictures of debit card and passport, this is completely unacceptable this is my private information, I have never heard of a website asking for this type of information before, unless a scam."

We should point out that GearBest is a legitimate business and not a scam site and that there are some positive comments floating around about them. However, at best, GearBest sound like a hassle and at worst, it looks like they may have taken money from customers without fulfilling orders with subsequent and frustrating chasing.

Alternatives to GearBest

  • Led Shoppe offers "LED, LED Product, Computer Goodies." It offers free shipping and accepts all major credit cards (and Paypal). Led Shoppe sells, in addition to all manner of LED devices, computer input devices, card readers, cables, flash drives, iPod accessories, PSP/PS accessories, Wii accessories, NDSL accessories, batteries, and car accessories.
  • Play-Asia sells games, movies, toys, music, books, and "bargains," which includes video games, movies, music, and toys. The site accepts the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Western Union transfers,, bank transfer, and, yep, Paypal.


  • qwertyuiop
    To be fair, a company called gearbest would not fill me with confidence based on the name alone. Sounds like some sort of dodgy far-eastern front for something or other
  • mary l.
    Once again u r lying to me. I went to the tracking web site that u sent me, and their reply was there's no information concerning that trackimg. number U sent me. From the review's. I've read about ur Company I'm not the only one. Ur phone #'s are fruads as is the tracking wed sites . U know this is wrong
  • mary l.
    I want my tablet. I'm seriously tired of ur bull sbit. First u said it said it was mailed out o. November 29th, and now ur saying it was mailed out on the 3rd of December. Stop the lying n send me my tablet it's paid for
  • vangry
    Definite scammers and should be shut down asap!! Was also asked to send photo of my ccard and license and passport. I told them to cancel order as that's not normal. Now I've had about 10 fraudulent transactions made online with my car ard. Had to cancel it. Major hassle. Gearbest are criminals!
  • Tobby
    Extremely unpleasant experience with GearBest Even though there were many warnings and bad experiences with Gearbest all over the Internet, three months ago I bought some products from them. There were several problems, but describing these on forums and sending couple of messages helped solving these problems. They even gave me some points as compensation and, at that time, I thought they are good sellers and we should accept that everybody make mistakes. I corrected my negative reviews, and for me everything was fine. I placed a fourth order and the order arrived perfectly couple of weeks later. Today is "the Grand Finale", having all the reasons to say that you shouldn't buy from GearBest because they are liars and cannot be trusted. Their lies and their unethical methods, don't only affect the buyers but also, the other sellers (so no one wins, excepting GearBest). This conclusion comes after they cancelled my last 3 orders I placed on their website. The payment was made using my verified PayPal account. The old orders on GearBest were also paid using the same PayPal account. After inquiring about this problem on their website, I found that: "Due to the previous business is not unpleasant,so we don't want to coperate with you." (original GearBest's answer). I did my best to solve this problem and in 10 days I opened 5 tickets on their website, had 9 chat sessions (during 5 different days) and sending 2 emails to them. I wanted to find the clear reason of why my orders were cancelled (i.e., how they define "unpleasant businesses"). Here you have one of my last discussion with them which proves I'm right: Welcome to Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'GearBest' Customer: Hello Customer: I already paid for 3 dascahms and the payment was accepted. Yesterday I find that "Our Risk control department are unable to confirm security of the payment" and you have cancelled my new orders. >>GearBest: Have you choosed a shippingmethod? Customer: Yes, of course >>GearBest: Could you tell me the shipping cost? Customer: it was free Customer: I chose free shipping :) >>GearBest: so sorry for my mistake Customer: don't worry, everyone makes mistakes Customer: Now, the question is: how can I solve this problem ? >>GearBest: Do you have write review about gearbest on forum >>GearBest: ? Customer: Yes I do; not for the last days. I don't want to accuse someone for nothing. Customer: That's why I do my best to fix this problem Customer: Also, you cheated on Most of the reviews are bogus. But, then again, some forums are more important >>GearBest: I'm so sorry for hearing that >>GearBest: it may caused by the review >>GearBest: our company will cannot accept your order now Customer: why ? Customer: my PayPal account is verified and OK >>GearBest: yes,your payment is ok Customer: so ? I thought we solved the problems between us some time ago >>GearBest: so sorry Customer: I understand: you're sorry. I'd like to know why my orders aren't accepted ? >>GearBest: it may caused by you have write review on forum and the content of review is not very good. Customer: The reviews were corrected long time ago. I also had my part of blame >>GearBest: so sorry for hearing that >>GearBest: if you have some problem we will try our best to solve it for you Customer: Yes, there is a problem: my orders were cancelled. Now, the question is: how can I solve this problem ? >>GearBest: so sorry >>GearBest: we cannot accept your order for the time being Customer: Why not ? As long as I did everything right, why you can't accept my orders ? >>GearBest: because you have a not good experience on gearbest,the financial department just want to make sure the interest of company,I hope you can understand that Customer: I don't understand. What do I have to do in order to have "a good experience" ? As long as the payment is not at risk, then I see no problem in accepting my orders. >>GearBest: we nee protecting the reputation of our company. Customer: Yes, I understand that, and as I wrote: I corrected my reviews. I even recommended your website (I can prove that). Customer: Don't get me wrong: if I recommended your website it wasn't because I was afraid you'll cancel my orders, but because I thought you're an honest seller. Customer: Now I'd like to know: are you ? or are you not ? >>GearBest: if you write a good review on forum,we will send 500points to you however, >>GearBest: I'm so sorry for inconvenience we caused Chat session has ended.Thanks for your chatting. You are not currently in a chat session. The conclusions on my experience with GearBest: 1. Hopping the customer will drop the case, they will ask you wrong questions and repeat them all over again. Also, they will not answer for minutes or close the chat sessions. 2. They fake the reviews with the help of some customers who prostitutes for couple of dollars. For example, in 2 months their ratting on Resellerratings jumped from 3.XX/10 to 8.XX/10. Many customers who positively reviewed GearBest have only that review. That's strange, because there are more chances the customers explicitly search on internet where to write their negative experiences rather than praising the sellers. 3. Under Gearbest politics, "protecting the reputation of our company" is to hide the problems (rather than solving them) and to lie the customer. Any customer who's not happy with their bad services becomes undesirable. 4. If you have a problem with them, keep your mouth shut. Otherwise if you have some fidelity points, you'll become undesirable and lose them completely. For example I had 377 Points=$7.54 Credits and this is their answer: Customer: I'm asking about my 377 Points = $7.54 Credits >>GearBest: could you tell me which order you have used points? Customer: I haven't used the points Customer: you gave them to me Customer: I'd like to know who I could use these points (or get the money from you) ? >>GearBest: SORRY >>GearBest: you cannot use it now Customer: so, they are lost, correct ? >>GearBest: yes Customer: Ok, that's a fair deal :)
  • Another G.
    This is a bad company. I cancelled the order and they acted like that was it. Then they went and refunded my Paypal $40 not the $312. Right at the last day of me being able to escalate it. Hmmm... So I started dealing with them. They told me they couldn't cancel the order because it was already shipped. Then said to refuse the order and when they get it back will refund me. THEN a few days later actually shipped it! this was over two month later.... They had given me bogus tracking info that didn't work before. They really are horrible useless liars. They blatantly lied to me 3 times. No way it was misunderstandings or mistakes. Blatant lies. I am sure it won't take too long before they won't be allowed to sell in America. I took the item instead of sending it back. At least I can sell it and get some of my money back instead of them running me around and holding my money for months. They sent the wrong plug style with it, and the charger was broken. They just said it would be up to 28 days before they can send a replacement. Sorry if you get in this situation with them. They really do suck and are liars.
  • Jim F.
    You can read these problems over & over by searching Gearbest complaints. I have had the same problems as many others. My order was $270 payed by PayPal. I received a e-mail saying they needed a photo of my drivers license, credit card & passport before my order could be sent. I checked my bank & the funds were already transferred from my bank. I called PayPal & they said that I should not have to do that & they will be watching them. I ask for my money back. Now I must wait 10 day to see if indeed it is refunded. Gearbest has full time people on the review boards intercepting complaints & trying to cover there ways of doing business, but the words getting out. It is not a few complaints it is many. Beware of GrarBest
  • Sean
    hmm, and yet Facebook and Google are still happy to take their money to saturate the globe with their ads. I think their MO might be this - they have a handful of stock items, they usually don't send the goods for most purchasers and hope they go away, if someone complains and complains then they'll release an item out of stock which probably actually costs them money at the low prices they advertise. But they've kept the money from 10 other people without supplying any goods, which is their business model. Further, requesting passport details and images of debit cards is just an open attempt at harvesting identities, or identity theft, which they'll onsell, and eventually either try to clean out your bank account, or use your identity in other ways. None of that sounds like a company anyone wants to deal with.
  • Sean
    Oh, and the other part of the scam is that if you agree to write a legitimate looking positive review for them, they'll make sure YOU get an ordered item promptly so you think they genuinely are legit, so they can go on to scam 10 more people all over again who believed your review. They also seem to have someone with excellent English working for them who can whiz up a few legit sounding copy-paste excuse letters and so on. It's a bizarre deceptive use of the internet, but it seems to work. A lot of effort to set up the websites and payment channels and fake goods and pay a few staff, but by going global it probably pays off in spades for a while. And the Chinese govt isn't going to shut them down anytime.
  • Ed
    Horrible experience. They cannot give me a more definitive response to my questions, Let me give you a run down of the timeline: 3/19 - Order Placed on Pre-order 3/28 - Funds removed from account 4/17 - Item still not arrived, inquiry sent End April - Told item was not in stock, wait til early May Early May - Told item was actually in stock, mistake made, wait 1 week 5/18 - Told QC check incomplete, told to wait more 5/20 - Told that the item will be shipped the following week 5/29 - Told to wait longer 5/31 - Told to wait longer, there is no stock til early June. Keep this date...I have WAITED 73 DAYS since Pre-Order, (57 days since the actual release of the item, April 4th). And they still have no answers for me. It's been a heck of a back and fourth. And completely frustrating. Not to mention they still have my funds and are slow to refund. To save ...I wanna say 4 Dollars from somewhere else I could have purchased...not worth the hassle. DO NOT! I warn you...DO NOT! Buy from this site...You may not ever get your item.
  • Denis
    also got problems with this shop selling product is not available for 30 days. Support meets the same!
  • Pasquale
    STAY AWAY FROM GEARBEST! WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER! I bought an Elephone p3000s from them on January (Order W1412121630383553) which after 5 months stopped working. I opened a support ticket on their website, but they at first wasted time pretending they didn’t understand, then simply stopped answering my messages. They only replied one month later, after I published a couple of reviews on the web (odd coincidence…) - but to offer me what? 1) a gorgeous 26.00 USD contribution to have my phone repaired at my local service center at my own expense – or alternatively 2) send them 107.63 usd to have a new phone (which I paid 175.00 usd and is now definitely out of stock on their site and has been abandoned by the manufacturer) – or alternatively 3) a free repair, returning them the phone (at my expenses) but allowing 3-4 months waiting time to have it back. Unfortunately, it takes more than 150.00 USD to fix the phone and, as for offer n.3, the internet is full of reviews where people complain they received fake RMA addresses or anyway returned their items and never had them back again. The funniest thing is that they pretend to ignore the hundreds bad reviews they have collected (there’s even someone who made a website named “donotbuyingearbest”, and they’re on ScamAdviser too…) and still expect you to trust them, after dealing with you so badly. Don’t believe all those five-stars reviews not supported by facts, just google “GearBest reviews” and see by yourself. STAY AWAY FROM GEARBEST!
  • Haze
    Gearbest will make you look like stupid buyer. They have so many tricks for aftersales service. Do Not Trust Gearbest for the cheap price . They will hold your money for 3 months. First they will say the items out of stock or restock. and we have to wait. While i wait .. they still selling the items. So far I know If the items out of stock. they should remove the items. then I made a new account and buy same product. They shipped the items . After i received the items.. i contact customer service and complain, but they give me 2 option. Change the items or refund. My Purchase order $48 . You calculate if there are 100 buyers. If the items out of stock. they should remove the items
  • Casa
    I bought a mobile from this Gearbest. They said they will send it from their UK warehouse. After 1 month of waiting and a dispute on Paypal, they refused to refund me. They said they will only give me %30 of my money. Please be careful and don't buy from these thieves. There are many complaint against them. They are asking people to photocopy their credit cards and passports. They sell faulty items. In cases like mine they don't even send items and they offer to refund %20/30. They also install spyware on their mobiles that is hard to remove even if you are an IT expert. Be careful and avoid them
  • Tocris
    The page said "3 to 5 days". The confirmation email said "10 to 25 days". Their answer at my complaint at PayPal said "15 to 45 days". They also told me that the tracking system failed because I did not pay 2$ for it. There is no indication of tracking fees on their site or the email I received. The tracking system only says "undefined". Of course, I did not receive my product yet. A scam.
  • Joe
    I purchased a phone from Gearbest on July 23 2015, and haven't received it yet (Sept. 9 2015) I've e-mailed SEVERAL times , but no reply , they basically took my money and ran. What i'm I to do ????? Order No.:W1507191812307767 SCAMMERS
  • Joe
    I purchased a phone from Gearbest on July 23 2015, and haven't received it yet (Sept. 9 2015) I've e-mailed SEVERAL times , but no reply , they basically took my money and ran. What i'm I to do ????? Order No.:W1507191812307767 SCAMMERS
  • Franc
    Ok, I believe to all comments here but it's a bit strange to me because I had the opposite experience. I'm from Croatia and you must believe me when i say I don't have any links with gearbest except i'm loyal customer. I have over 30 orders from gearbest and all my orders was shipped without any issues and arrived on time. My last "big" order was Meizu MX5 smartphone for $330. Like all other my orders (Lenovo K3 Note, MXIII Android box, etc) shipping time with Singapure post was only seven days to my country. Really good experience for me, and I will not be afraid to order next purchase.
  • mafkouk
    Hello, I am a loyal to gearbest customer, I have not the orders of gearbest and all my orders was delivered without any problems and arrived on time with tracking number. recently I bought a nice keyboard, built-in lithium - ion battery. Reloaded. Don't expect any problem. Good price... Very good site.
  • Bob
    BS mafkouk..... Tell your bosses to go F themselves. You're not a very good liar at
  • Steve
    I can't wait until the U.S. Invades China. I'll March over and get my item personally. No confirmation emails. Can't login. Password reset won't send a password email. Paid for priority shipping. LOL
  • Tran P.
    I don't agree with Franc. I also ordered MX5 in Jul 27th. But now to Oct 10th, I still have waited for it. Gearbest said it would be shiped in Sep 9th, but nothing happend, they said again in Oct 1 st, but I am also disapointed because my order is still PROCESSING, although I live in Vietnam, just next to China. I also suggest them to change to any other kinds of MX5, Huawei P8 Gra, Honor 7 ... that available. If new one cost more money, I will pay extra for them. But no replay until now. I feel that I'm cheated. Tran Phuc
  • jose
    I order my goods 5 months ago and im still waiting, im given BS waybill numbers that when i track shows everything going normal but my parcel has NEVER left in over 5 MONTHS!! I have tried customer service, spent hours online to speak to someone in their useless online help chat and my case has never been dealt with....only BS statements that my parcel is overweight etc etc etc i have sent 6 tickets by the way....SIX!! How can anyone give a company like this a positive review? i believe this company does not even "exist" and is purely a scam, i have given their website address to the local Chinese embassy for their review and hopeful that they do something about it, i suggest everyone with the same issue does the same....these people need to be hanged !!! Use them at your own peril...they are scam artists to say the least!!!
  • Jacob
    In my oppinion GearBest is a very good place to buy things. I don't know about you but for me they send everything pretty fast comparing to other China companies that send thing to my country and I have ordered a lot of stuff... I think they are doing their best as a company.
  • craig w.
    I have recently purchased watchphone they refused to return email they have no contact numbers I'm still waiting for my product how is that they are able seen as legitimate company they thrives and nothing else I will never by or Will I endorsed there practites
  • Scam?
    Deffo SCAM website. Avoid at all cost. If there were more positive reviews, then I might have believed them. Sorry gearbeast, you shot yourselves in the foot.
  • Pete
    Ordered 4 items from Gearbest. 2 from the EU warehouse and 2 from China in August (now October) one item from the EU warehouse turned up promptly and as described. The other 3 I'm still waiting for them to arrive 75 days later. They have pictures of parcels which they claim to have sent but they have not arrived. I've had numerous responses from them telling me to wait and to cancel my paypal claims. After escalating the paypal claims I have now just been refunded by on 1 item and gearbest are still telling me to wait longer and go check the post office again on all 3 items. You have 45 days to log a paypal dispute then a further 20 days to escalate the claim. If you have been foolish enough to order from Gearbest I advise you to keep track of the order dates and the paypal timescales or you will lose your money. And if you didn't use paypal then you're in a right pickle. AVOID
  • stemmo
    i ordered two weeks ago,2 phones,one wasnt in stock so i opted for the one in stock,i ordered from eu warehouse and paid expedited shipping and insurance and i got a tracking number that dosent work and no photo of the item,two weeks later dada no phones, how long should i wait before opening a paypal dispute ?? i know it takes a while to ship but cmon,2 weeks from the uk,,i have gotten a watch before and had to wait a month and a half but it was worth it as i didnt go with the expedited shipping,,anyone an idea who the postal servise they use ??
  • Andrey
    I did the order 19.10.15 with shipment terms - ship out within 3-5 business days. And paid for EMS delivery and insurance coverage. 27.10.15 I have got the message that my items were sent except the smartphone. It means that my smartphone should be delivered with cheapest way without the insurance coverage. I have wrote the message about this problem but it stayed without any answers for 2 days. 30.10.15 I have ordered the smartphone from other merchant and opened the dispute on paypal to get refund. Hope my history will teach you to prevent any deals with GearBest.
  • Harvey S.
    Gearbest has lied on several occasions about my shipment. Say's it shipped on Sept,18 2015 and takes two to three weeks for arrival. It's the end of October and still nothing. The ticket number leads to no where as doe's the fake tracking number that can't be tracked... I can't ever talk to anyone concerning a refund of my money. This company should be banned from doing business period. KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bryan N.
    Don't ever place any order from them! To me it's a scam company! It's going to be 2 mths and I hv yet receive my items! Beware buyer!! Dont take risk with them!
  • Ry
    Never received the item, Gearbest sent the item via unregistered post (not registered) without my consultation. Other items took over a month to arrive, their postal time estimates are false advertising. I was ignored when asking for my money back. Fraudulent company who stole my money.
  • Rimenco
    Ordered on the 18th of October. For some reason the parcel delivery company, yodel (another great company) returned the item to seller, which can be clearly seen on the tracking, on the 23rd. Requested them to resend the item and they proposed refunding me half the cost. So, they will receive the item back and still want to keep half my money! Raised a dispute on PayPal and immediately escalated to claim as I can see they will not even resend the item that's been sent back.
  • Majid
    I have orderd some vape stuff from gearbest, it came on time and intact, the most importent thing is that they were originals as advertised.
  • Murat
    I ordered Oct 17, 2015 ago. Order number W1510120710525752 It received order smoothly. I am very satisfied
  • MIKE J.
    Thanks for the warnings guys, i was about to place an order with gearbest and thought i would check any reviews first, thank goodness I did. I will pay more but shop locally :)
  • jwh
    Order placed 4th September. Never arrived. A month later GearBest told me I would have to wait another month before making a claim, to allow for holidays(!!!). Made new claim for full refund on 5th November. Told me to check address - it was correct - told me to check the post office - no trace. Went back to them repeating my claim. Now told that I only had the option of a resend or a discount. This is not acceptable. I have therefore openned a dispute on Paypal. Hopefully they will be more reasonable. GearBest are no better than scammers who give the customer oa load of hassle rather than behave in a reputable way. They are the worst, most-unreasonable internet seller I have encountered - an untrustworthy business best avoided.
  • Babs B.
    Qrder no. W1511010133286082 DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Gearbest ships faulty goods then sends the same repeated, uselessly irrelevant generic replies both here on facebook and via their customer service dept when you try to get the faulty item replaced. I also notice that whenever anybody posts a complaint on their timeline here , after failing to get a response from customer service, they attempt to "bury it" by posting loads of promotional material , moving the complaint down and out of sight
  • Leamas
    Voyo V2 Mini PC - No Power Supply (NIGHTMARE) This was an impulse buy from a Facebook Ad, which has gone from bad to bloody stupid on the part of Gearbest's so called Customer Service. PC arrived without its Barrel Connector Power Supply. Raised a ticket was told they would ship a replacement although they seemed to think I should raised a claim with my shipper (how? I didn't ship it). A UK power adaptor turned up like one of those travel plugs. Cannot plug that in. They then proceeded to ignore anything I said and kept saying I had received the plug and closed the call: "Checked the order ,we find the uk plug we provided is what we have resent to you." Repened the call and got the following message back: "...our colleague has applied to resend a new UK adapter to you." My second call contained: "The attached picture is of a UK plug adapter. THIS NOT something I can plug into the Voyo V2 Mini PC. I need a barrel connector power supply that comes with the PC, which you failed to provide the first time round!" If they had bothered to read the call they would know that the UK plug does not help me in the slightest! It is like talking to a brick wall.
  • Ben
    Gearbest will not refund or replacement a broken item. Do not use this website!
  • Susan R.
    RUN! Run for the hills! Fake tracking number. Goods didn't turn up. Constant to-ing-fro-ing of tickets. Was promised a refund to my original payment method which I accepted then the message mysteriously disappeared from their system and was constantly offered a refund to my wallet with them. As I have no intention of EVER buying anything from them again, this is useless to me. Honestly, I am not the sort of person to review anything but they have me so mad. I'm fuming!
  • eric
    i am very disappointed at myself on believing that would be a good thing to order the items .. i haven't received it... it's been a month now... i too, have received what it seems to be a fake tracking number because the number is not found in the tracking website...
  • Louise
    I cant believe It! Why didn't I look for reviews before spending nearly £500 on my kids Christmas! I've had the same experience. Trying to get pics of my card, Telling me the item was in stock, Told them I wanted a refund, They say they can't cos my items are dispatched, Non existent tracking number :-( I am calling PayPal again today as they have done nothing but lie and manipulate from the start.
  • Louise
    Telling me item WASNT in stock ^^^^^^^
  • Steeveno
    "I bought the Yi Ant camera but was not able to get it to connect. It appears that it might not be compatible with my D-Link range extender (a new model.) I opened a ticket and stated my case, asking to be able to return it for a refund. Support responded by asking that I try resetting my router and also the camera and try again. I wrote back the next day to say that I was not successful and again asked to be able to return it for a refund. They said no problem, wanted to confirm my address, but then stated that it would only be for store credit! I let them know that my address had not changed in the couple of days since the camera arrived and that I was hugely dissapointed in the idea of store credit. I went on to say that I would be letting others know of their short-sighted return policy. At that point they stopped communicating with me and so here I am with a camera that I can't use AND no store credit!"
  • Rick
    Same here, I opened a case using Paypal (as payment method) you have 120 days to dispute after the sale, this people take your money, please don not buy from gearbest, they never answered me and I am sick and tired about these thief.
  • edvards
    GEARBEAST FRAUD I ordered and e-cigarete starter kit + replacement coils. So it went out in like two orders. I paid for everything and was waiting for a despatch. Few days later, they messaged me that they can not ship e-cigarete starter kit, because they have some problems, so they refunded me. But what should I do with those coils then? They dont want to refund me in full. I have to keep the item, because of their fault. STAY AWAY FROM GEARBEAST!
  • Queen
    Ordered a GPS navigation system from Gearbest. Received it in 2 weeks but it's used and the website never said anything about the product being used. The touch screen does not respond and this message keeps popping up say memory program low. I tried getting in touch with Gearbest to no avail I called the NY phone number 347-767-3793, got an automated message that says the voicemail is full. I tried filling out the customer support form but got no where with that. Yes! Gearbest is a SCAM! The China based company is getting over on us big time. What can we do about it. Now I still have to go out to spend money for a GPS for a Christmas gift. I'm pissed
  • weiner
    I wish i had found these reviews before spending £138 on products from Gearbest.. i was told the products were out of stock and then told that they had been shipped on 8th dec 2015. i have contacted DHL about the tracking number to be told that the number is real however the company havent actually asked for the item to be picked up.. I have submitted 'ticket after ticket' i even tried the phone number but i havent had any reply what so ever.. i cant believe how stupid i have been... now im gonna have 3 very disappointed children on xmas morning :( ANGRY ISNT EVEN A STRONG ENOUGH WORD FOR HOW I FEEL
  • unsatisfied g.
    oderd a tivise watch it arrived a month later kept losing time then after 4 days stoped working.payepail claim opend they left till last day to replie,then they offer 25% refund.GIVE ME FULL REFUND U F##KIN THEIVES
  • mr b.
    hi I'm still waiting for my order ?
  • Márcio M.
    Eu sou Brasileiro e me roubaram. Não caiam no golpe desse Site GearBest. Site fraudulento, enganoso e Mafioso... Eu me enganei e fui roubado por vocês do Site GearBest . Obrigado por me fazer sentir um idiota! Isso é Pura fraude, enganação, desrespeito ao cliente! Vocês deveriam terem vergonha disso. ------------------- I am Brazilian and robbed me. Do not fall for the scam of this website GearBest. Site fraudulent, deceptive and Mafioso... I was wrong and I was robbed by you of the Site GearBest. Thank you for making me feel like an idiot! This is pure fraud, deceit, disrespect to the customer! You should be ashamed of it.
  • Chris
    This fuc.king trash ass website, gearbest, is a scam mother fucking site. They lured me in by getting 1 order through, took like 2 months, but it came, and was cheap plastic shit chinese garbage (dashcam). My 2nd order still has not arrived and has "apparently been lost in the mail". I repeatedly emailed the dumbass tech supports, this one dumb bitch named katrina, probably some tranny whore sucking small asian dicks part time while fielding web complaints. anyways, this fucking whore keeps telling me to verify my address, to go to the postoffice and see if the package is there, and to wait 2 months after the product was shipped. Now I waited 2 months, this fucking whore tranny katrina, is now saying I can only get a full refund in wallet store credit, or I can fucking pay another $50 and have my $100 camera shipped out again! Yeah right you fucking stupid bitch!! You can't even ship the first one you fucking whore, you want me to give you more money to fail again? They will take a picture of the package they are "shipping" as a fake. It is only a printed shipping label that is never dropped off to the courier. This way they obtain a "tracking" number which only says the product may be "waiting to be sorted at facility" or stuck in one phase... FUck these bitch ass noob mother fuckers. Rot in hell you poor ass fucking scamming bitches.
  • Hassan
    This is not GEARBEST, it is GEARWORST. I ordered a table and instead of the tablet I ordered I keep getting an email asking for coloured photo of my ID, driving licence or passport and the photo of my bank card. I told them clearly that I am not an idiot to give all my details to crooks. Let them keep my money but I will not let get more £150 they already got. The search engine companies should ban these crooks from advertising in the internet. Pay a little extra and buy from AMAZON. I LOVE AMAZON. LONG LIVE AMAZON.
  • Murat G.
    My order number is W1511260549480863 I gave an order in Nov 26, 2015 My local post office returned my products to Gearbest.İt has arrived to the Gearbest.But Gearbest didn't refund and didn't send my products to me.Customer service is very unconcerned.They are a very bad company.
  • Mark
    Ordered on 17th December and paid for expedited delivery. 2 1/2 weeks later and it has still not arrived. The courier contacted me and now I have to pay an additional 20% import tax. So in summary it's late and expensive. DO NO WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE.
  • PierreDupont
    I ordered a smartphone and its cover case on the GearBest website the November 5, 2015. We are the January 7, 2016 and I 'm still waiting since 2 months. In addition to the purchase order, I paid a delivery cost to receive my order within 10 days. Finally, I received a TV box (decoder) instead my smarpthone. GearBest recognized a mistake but explains to me I must to pay the return, it that takes the biscuit. I already paid customs duty at receipt of this item. They propose I send this item (goods) and refund my GearBest Wallet to an exchange. However I don’t want to take a risk the item doesn’t arrive at destination, without taking into account addition delivery time. Furthermore the dispatch will cost me more than the price of the item. Moreover, if GearBest send me again my correct order after thez received the item, I should pay again customs duty at receipt. To conclude I paid their mistake. I am upset today. I strongly advise against this website, without take into account the fact there is customs duty at receipt. It would have cost cheaper, less time and less hassle to buy my smartphone in my country.
  • Randy
    I bought a Q212g drone from GearBest but received a V666 drone with a Q212g cover on it. The v666 model drone does not hover capabilities and that was the main reason I orded Q212g model. I also asked them for type of motor and propellers for spare parts . Gear best said they would get back to me after they check with the manufacturer. They never got back to me. I was not aware I had v666 drone till I looked up the camera that was different then the one I orded and found out I had a v666 model. In the mean time I broke a prop gear trying trying to hover this drone. One month sense I order from gearbest and still have not been able to fly this drone. Costumer service is terrible all I get is emails saying they want to resolve this issue and never do. Do not deal with this company unless you a looking for a nightmare. WHAT YOU ORDER IS NOT WHAT YOU GET.
  • Ruslan
    Got my flashlight, ordered about a month ago.Everything is good, i think its a good deal.
  • Thomas
    Ordered an ijust 2 kit off there website. It's been a week and it's still processing. When i sent them an email, they emailed me two days later telling me the item was out of stock. They've already taken the money off my account. Can't believe they would take the money out of my account knowing they don't even have the item.
  • Benja S.
    Says they have a 45 money back guarantee for defective products. Does not honor that guarantee and refuses to communicate with you other than to say they are willing to sell you another one at 50% discount and suggests you take it to a local repair shop to get it fix on your own dime.
  • Joe Y.
    I just scammed by Gearbest. No delivery after two months and tracking number provided is a fake. Do not, I say again, do not purchase anything from this company.
  • JH
    I am experiencing an issue with Gearbest. I ordered a Tarantula quadcopter on 27 Dec 2015 along with associated spare parts order# WW1512271921213778. 30 Dec they sent me a shipping number. I checked the DHL shipping number and it showed info sent to shipper but package was not picked up until over a week later after inquires made as to why it had not been picked up as I had paid for expedited shipping! Sure the original picture of a shipping label was emailed but it just shows a shipping label attached to a piece of plastic nothing showing an actual package. DHL tracking (1531175295 ) info shows picked up 07 January 14:28 Singapore (funny shows picked up same day I made inquiry) returned to shipper 07 January 21:14 Singapore, Signed for by Benson 08 January 11:49 Stirling delivery area. Quite the scam they have going to even show delivery in Canada approximately 15 hours later. Amazing delivery system if they could pull that off as this is just physically impossible but at least DHL info shows the final route as Singapore. I am now receiving all the canned answers wanting me to wait 7 days for a response so they can ensure package was returned to warehouse (not my problem man). I have seen way too many positive reviews on sites. In a number of years dealing with Hobby King I never experienced anything like this after learning to upgrade shipping to obtain a tracking number, Update response from GB: As stated in above which you chose to ignore in this post and PM is that package was returned to shipper YOU and confirmed by DHL. Correspondence with your customer service has been going in circles with a bunch of canned non answers. When asked to refund order GB says they will refund $6.70 out of an order of $102.79 as remainder of order shipped 3 days ago. Customer service tell me package has been reshipped but WILL NOT provide me with a tracking number. A PAYPAL dispute was opened and GB provided PAYPAL with a tracking number for a package destined to MEXICO NOT CANADA! What a warm fuzzy feeling dealing with your company! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AS MOST REVIEWS ARE WRITTEN BY COMPANY EMPLOYEES (far too many positive posts with broken english) THAT MONITOR VARIOUS WEB SITES!!
  • Lubo S.
    Worst service ever from GEARBEST!!! I still waiting my order for 250$!! Order was maked with extra charge for expedited shipping 3-7 BUSINESS DAYS! Date was December 5th-2015!! After 25 tickets - nothing!!! They just told me to check tracking!! So whatt - my order is in Singapore and not any movement! Never order from GEARBEST!! I`m still waiting for my order and she is still in Singapore(read carefully below), and GEARBEST still answer - check your tracking!!! Compiete idiots!!.. But, of course - they charge me for speed shipping! And of course they delete my review for their service in GEARBEST WEBSITE!! I start posting in websites for reviews - and OOOO miracle - I received one of ordered phones with 10 days delay!! What happend next with other order - 2 phones!! I received order in UK date was December 24, 2015, and I receive mail from DHL to pay custom taxes, and after this - to receive my goods - order W1512050300173355. I make payment - in January 4th 2016(was impossible to pay early, because of New Year) and two days later DHL RETURN phones back to Singapore!!! When I asked them(DHL) why - they told me - sender(GEARBEST.COM) request to return goods back to Singapore!! Where are my money, where are my goods for 250$ !!!! Why THEY ask DHL to return them back!!!!???? Today01-22-2016 they told me -we return back goods, because DHL did not find you!! Complete lie - DHL don`t find me, but they find me to pay custom taxes!! IDIOTS!! Now hey told me to wait 7-10 business days again!!! WORST, WORST SERVICE EVER!!! NEVER, NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER, ORDER FROM GEARBEST.COM
  • Debra
    I purchased several items on Dec. 4, 2015 as Christmas presents for my husband. They were the only things I was going to have for him. The site said they would arrive before Christmas otherwise I would not have ordered through this company. They never arrived and the response I got was to please wait until March to see if they come! I don't think so. They already ruined Christmas for us I don't want my money tied up until then. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!
  • louis f.
    did anybody pay with pay pal?
  • Tracy
    I purchased an item that was supposed to be for Christmas for my son on November 21, 2015, I thought I was ordering in enough time to arrive by Christmas Day. Boy was I wrong :( After a couple of weeks of not receiving anything from them, I contacted them thru e-mail, as that is the only way to get in touch with them, and was told my order would ship in 7-10 business days. So I waited....and nothing. That went back and forth a couple of times. They would lie and say my order was held up at customs, they would update their on-line tracking with lies as well. I finally got an e-mail with a FedEx number to track, only to realize it was a fake FedEx tracking number. When tracked it said the label was only created, nothing in fact was shipped. To date, January 28 and I still don't have anything. I paid with PayPal and they were able to make good for me on this. Do yourself a favor and NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.
  • John
    Wish i had seen these comments before i placed an order for a mobile phone from them. I paid £120 plus extra insurance and DHL expedited shipping. My order was placed with EU warehouse and was allocated a tracking number. When i checked the tracking number it was for a package that was in Kuala Lumpur which as far as i can remember is not in the EU so i would be liable for import taxes. After several emails i was told that i had placed my order via china, which is not true. They have avoided answering anything specific. They claim that the delay is, and i quote, "due to my package being inspected thoroughly because of the up-coming vacation" I phoned DHL and they explained that a tracking number is not proof of a package being with them. If and when a package is received by them it is issued with a "collected/picked up" notice so it looks like i too have been robbed and the tracking number is a fake. Every email from Gearbest just says keep checking your tracking number. This has only been going on for a few days but already i want my money back. They have also now stopped replying to me which i suppose speaks volumes. Site is now closed for Chinese New Year, several days ahead of the date they advertise. I am glad i paid via PayPal. I hope they will be able to refund me. Wish i had ordered from UK supplier with click and collect at Argos. Lesson learned i think. AVOID AT ALL COST !
  • Dan A.
    What a nightmare this site is. Same crapola, they want scn of Drivers License and Credit Card for 'safety'. Right, they tell you that AFTER you Make and Order and they charge your Credit Card, NOW they are completely CLOSED for 7 Days [Feb 6-13th] for CHINESE NEW YEAR. I guess even Crooks get a Holiday Off. IF you haven't already gotten ripped off by GearBest, take heed, YOU WILL... AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUES. They are the Champion of Crooked Sites in CHINA.
  • James G.
    American consumers, note that PayPal will chargeback Gearbest for their fraud. But before you buy, note you must pay for return shipping. Gearbest shipped a defective tablet to me, then refused to give me the return address! I requested it several times over weeks and finally turned to Paypal. This forced Gearbest to supply the address: Room 201, Building 8, Zhongxing Industrial Zone, Chuangye Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 518000, China Shipping cost over $50, Paypal states they won't refund this even though the tablet was defective and Gearbest acknowledged it. Never, ever again!
  • Adrian
    Hello, why not post my review? that is pro Gearbest? Thank you.
  • Adrian
    I bought the Gearbest more products, more than 30 orders, and there were no serious problems. There were two situations where we asked money back and I received. The package was a period of 10-15 days processing and I asked for the money before time runs out. Communication is very good with those from Gearbest have cheap and good products. Last command is No.:W1602230733050884 Order, which went to the post office after a day's pay. I highly recommend this site. Gearbest is the best,
  • Neil J.
    DO NOT BY ANTTHING FROM GEARBEST! I bought from these thieving gits a quadcoper $594.71 for discibed walkera furious 320G with GPS and all the bells and whistles and what i got was a walkera furious 320C non GPS basic version worth about $165 less the what i paid. after a long month getting nowhere with gearbest customer suport( fu***ing jokers) they offered me $50 and keeps what i didn't order or I pay $40 to re-ship it back to china and i get a refund less the shipping cost . Now excuse me if i sound dumb but why the f**k shoud i pay to ship the item back to them when i didn't order the walkera furious 320C ????? ........ people absolutly do not order from this scamming thieving low life pond scum company GEARBEST. At the moment i'm waiting on paypal to review my case for a this space guys......
  • pni
    Please stay away from; I have received only 2 out of 7 orders until now. Orders are 45+ days to 3 months old. I even payed shipping insurance and yet product came DOD. Never had this issues with or Hope this helps people stay safe. regards
  • Michael
    I bought a JXD 509G from them, and they gave me a tracking number and a place to track it. When I put the number in, it says, tracking number was not found... and also they left a tracking message, and all it says is "2016-02-18 16:53:00邮件已收处理中 undefined 2016-02-18 15:00:00订单已记录发货 undefined"
  • Simon n.
    NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS! I foolishly spent £90 on items from GEARBEST. What a mistake... Around £20 worth of items turned up after about 3 weeks. I waited a further 2 weeks for the rest of the items but nothing arrived. I started to try and contact the costumer service department but this was like banging my head against a brick wall. Fortunately I payed with PayPal so have started a process with them to try and recover the £70 I'm owed. NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE BE WARED!
  • Helmet
    I ordered a bike helmet back in late June 2015. It cost $35 (which is ridiculous in the first place, but it looked legit in the photos). I never received it. After 2 months I filed a dispute/claim with PayPal and won. PayPal issued a refund. I never received the helmet. I just got an email from Gearbest asking me if I'd received my recent order that I had a got a refund for and if so, to pay for it. scavengers at best. Seriously focus on shipping items and less on money you don't deserve. Tacky, low-quality company. Avoid at all costs.
  • Tiago S.
    Reading this site i see a lot of negative reviews about GearBest but a must be relly lucky because I have bought several times from Gearbest without any complaints. Most of the products I bought are xiaomi (three power Bancks, earphones) products and they all arrive in great conditions. Normally took 20 days (more os less) to arrive the package. The only time I need to use the customer support they were very nice. So far i can only say good things and hope everything continues to go well. I´m certainly going to buy more things from the store.
  • Michael D.
    I made several orders in this store and I believe that this is one of the best Chinese shops. I compare it to Aliexpress and a some other online stores. In Gearbest the best prices for many goods (especially when the sales), you can gain special points (2% for each order) which you can spend for a discount of up to 30%, free and fast shipping (my orders were delivered in 15-20 days). The orders from Ali, and are delivered to me no less than 30 days. Communication is very good: once I ordered the wireless charger and after receiving the parcel has already managed to leave a comment about good work. But after 7-10 recharges, the cable that came with the charger, stopped charging and I was forced to use another cable. A few days after receiving the parcel Gearbest support contacted me and asked if everything is fine with my order (I didn't leave any comments about breakage of the cable). I answered them about my problem with the cable and after a few days they sent me a payment, which is enough to order a new better cable!! Maybe someone had problems with the delivery of goods from Gearbest, but in my experience (which based on several orders in 2016) Gearbest is one of the best online shops. P.S. The only thing that I improved in that store is added extra protective packaging for electronic goods because the packaging of the parcels which came to me do not really protect the goods (but nothing had not arrived broken).
  • Michael D.
    and where's my review? or you think it's fake? I can give you my tracking numbers and links on my short reviews on Youtube
  • Aparício
    in my experience with GearBest, i cant claim that they did a bad job... they did what they promissed low cost gadgets, tax free, and no cost on transportation... yes it took a lit bit longer than i would like, but i was advised that could hapen... in my 5 to 6 orders, every thing came and was in good shape.
  • Sid G.
    In addition to being a scam operation, I'm fairly certain that Gearbest is a shill for Chinese Intelligence and/or an identity theft ring. They require "verification" of your identity ... After They Have Your Money ... by requiring a scanned copy of your DL or Passport ... Etc., Etc., ... AND they really want your signature on something. Here is their standard communication: Thank you very much for recent order on gearbest! We have sent you a new message entitled 'Please confirm your gearbest order W1604011735541*** for payment verification' in your gearbest account. Please view and reply us here on this link : Once we have received your reply, we will typically respond you within 24 hours (except weekends and public holidays). THE LINK SAYS: We will process your order as soon as we receive the payer's ID confirmation. Please provide us the following documents: 1) 1 color photo of your identity card or passport or driving license. The photo must show clearly, the full name, expiry date, signature and address if applicable. You can hide the date of birth and document number for your privacy. 2) A color scanned copy or picture of your recent utility bill(the address should match your billing or shipping address) 3) If you paid this transaction by credit card via paypal, please write down the credit card number for the first 4 and last 4 digital numbers, (for example 6011*****5871 ). ------------------------------------------------- ( To prevent fraud, US processors don't send your credit card or financial info to China ... Just the money ... SO these characters are attempting to build a file on you and get as much credit card and personal data as possible. ) ------------------------------------------------- As far as I am concerned, PAYPAL and AMAZON are Complicit in the scam. MY RESPONSE TO GEARBEST: YOU are not supposed to see our credit card details ... That is why you don't have them ... Paypal is responsible for payment verification, which is done as a matter of course within the credit card system in the US. YOU (a retailer in some podunk village on the Yang Tse River) have no way of knowing if My picture... or credit card ... or Passport ... or or signature ... or ID cards are legitimate or not. YOU already have the money ( $400+ ) a valid Paypal-Credit Card Order and you don't require anything else. Ship my order or issue an immediate refund or I will issue a charge-back. You have 24 hours to ship via DHL ... I've received No reply of course. NOTE: Nearly every single positive review of this company is Fradulent ... actually placed by an one outfit in Shanghai and another in Shenzhen, mainland China ... Quite sophisticated. Also, is actually owned and operated by GearBest.
  • David B.
    I bought a mini 0806 last October and it's fucked and can I get in touch with the fuckwits at Gearbest, can I fuck. I can't even raise a ticket on their support page.
  • Peter I.
    In my working with, they are the same or rank up there with, both are worthless and everyone needs to stay away from them. There communication is terrible, they do not know customer service and they like to patronize you with their silly, stupid and irritating company policy slogans! No one at has a clue to how to substantiate good customer service and company loyalty! Again, stay away from or you will be sorry . . all have NOW been properly warned! Pete
  • ice

    The company refused to repair my broken phone and only gave a 18% refund. Don't use GearBest

  • emre

    Never buy anything from them,i've been trying to get my 80 usd back for about 4-5 months and they are trying to get rid of me.

    They are fraud

  • GreenPorsche

    GearBest was send very fast and give me track number for free. In personal cabinet You can see photo of packed parcel and track number. My order W1510310156517799 Nov 03 2015.

    Love it a lot great price and product very good. Amazing quality

    Best quality for lower money.

  • Hjjj


  • Gearworst

    Avoid this company!
    Terrible customer support. Warranty claim after three months and they offer only a 25% refund to their wallet for the value of goods. Awful business ethics.

  • georgyros

    Received my parcel 4 days after the ordering !! Super fast shipping!! order W1507310113016815

    The Device I ordered have USB hub and Ethernet Gigabit connection.
    This device have the drivers on it so no need to search on internet.
    Just plug it and you have multi USB and Ethernet connections..
    Overall good buying experience.
    Everything work fine.
    Already have additional orders.

  • menshikoff

    Purchasing at Gearbest about a year, and have no any problems. Any time fast shipping, good support and quality items. For example, order number W1512031220253326 taken there was shipped very fast, in 10 days after purchasing! Recommend this store, and continue to buy on Gearbest.

  • superrasulov

    All good with my new Xiaomi redmi 3 ordered at Gearbest: cheap price for my order (number

    WB1603250427051548),  fast delivery, and good correct support. I'm satisfied, recommend!

  • sks

    I'm ordered RUIZU X02 8G Digital MP3 Player (Order No.:W1412310237500090). It arrived to me at 20ty days. Parcel good packed. Order processed and shipped in three days. I'm satisfied. My recommend!

  • Spicedylan

    gearbest are good until you get a faulty product - I received 3 out of 4 products which were faulty! Wanted me to pay for return postage or accept 25% Of actual cost and keep the faulty products!!! Why would I want to accept products which do not work????  Customer service 0%. No prepaid returns slips from this 'reputable' company. Avoid at all costs. 

  • nashaj

    I'm ordered Convoy S2+ LED flashlight (Order No.:W1603140653101131). It arrived to me at 21 days. Order processed and shipped in 2 days. I'm satisfied. My recommend!

  • Slayermen

    After 2 months my parcel haven't arrive and it´s confirm by them it wont (it show in the "tracking" that the pack is already in Europe (I live in Poland and post work fine) but for 1.5 months the pack it haven't move from Belgium, beside the tracking number is not recognize for ANY Belgium post website at all and later the tracking says is expired!!! the Yuntrack website is never working and when it works show me different weight data on the pack compare to the photo they give me in (my orders) from gearbest which is weird, the gearbest customer service only reply to my problem with options like: Wait WITH PATIENCE until it comes between 7-15 days (but they mentions sometimes can take even up to 90 days) and I have already waited over 2 months or second option I could chose a different item from the site which obviously I don't want! I have asked for a full refund but they refuse saying all the time something different to try to "solve" my problem. My opinion their customer service is really bad and maybe the worst I had the bad luck to deal with. As someone mention here I agree with that I also think all the reviews that are positive for sure are fake!

    update 22/06/2016: The customer service agree to return my money after more than 2 months and they give it to me in 2 rates ... so in the I let them use my money for 2 months to get it back in rates, if you want to have a BAD time and never get your items delivered go to gearbest.

  • Csm

    I recently ordered for a tablet on They send after a month. It went to customs office and returned.   I paid 4095 INR as custom duty. I opened the pack. In it there was the broken tablet pc. I informed them immediately. They said to return it for $80 USD.  OR else they will give me $60. I requested them with all expendutures. Then they gave me $75USD.  Again I ordered for the same tablet. They send me a refurbished tablet. My suggestion is dont buy from them.

  • d-rude


    This was written on 9 December 2014. I was shopping in GB since jan.2016 and nothing was wrong with this shop. It accepts paypal, so payment is protected - you must not worry about it!

    All my items came in 15-20 days, as described. I often buy at flash sale price, and it is the best prices of them all. Plus - I know I will get original brand items, not the fake ones,as many Chinese shops sell.

    So, Irecommend.

  • Brian

    Today I put several items in my cart, yesterday and the day before too. It's a fat catalogue and I wanted pieces that took time to find. They state a cart is held for 12 hours -for registered users it's 5 days! Great, I said to myself, I'll get some things. 

    Some things on sale too. 

    Whoops. Prices go up if the sale ends and you didn't get it paid in time. It's not "Your Shopping Cart" the way it is with food at the store. Sure felt odd to me, like a clerk poking through my shopping basket and raising the price. 

    I wrote to support that the are changing the proposition of the sale by altering prices of items I've placed in my cart. 

    I placed an order, they changed it. 

    WE KNOW that's lousy practice, but Gearbest offers no policy change. Customer live chat may have sheepishly but warmly urged me to hurry up, to pay before other prices went up. 

    Instead I watched. Yup, an $8 item jumped to $10 in front of my eyes. And two other prices went up awhile later. Humorous in an odd way. Picture folks rushing sale items to the cashier, but with non sale items a bit more relaxed. 

    Gearbest's cart is not taking an order for a product. At best, it's a placeholder, a reminder, a suggestion to yourself. It's not your cart, and as such the customer has no standing on the price as it's first offered. 

    Phooey on that. 

  • razstec

    Great store, with great products and prices. Recommend to everyone

  • wolflandia

    gearbest è un grande sito prezzi concorrenziali spedizione gratis 

    il mio primo ordine Feb 22, 2017 16:51:15 PMOrder number: W1702221651151191 ricevuto 1/03/2017
    velocissimo e nonosnte abbia avuto qualche oggetto non conforme l'assistenza e stata rapidissima ea risolvere i miei problemi , e udite udite mi a rimborsato
    alcuni di essi e non li a chiesto neanche indietro
    gearbest per tutta la vita fidatevi100%100

  • Thas

    I bought a "Pimax" VR headset from GearBest following a review and link from Youtuber Blunty. It was a bad, spur-of-the-moment decision.

    Although I have paid with Paypal, and that money has already gone to GearBest, they now want high-res scans of personally-identifiable documents, preferably my driver's license or passport. They have stated that my order is "on hold", despite me having paid for it. I implore anyone to NOT send documents that can be used to steal your identity and ruin your life to some random vendor who first takes your money and then holds your shipment hostage.

    Maybe they'd ship the article if I gave them the documents, maybe they wouldn't - but I have no doubt the resale value of these scans they're asking for drastically exceeds the value of the device I just "bought".

    My only hope now is that Paypal will offer buyer's protection in this case, but their chat already told me the chances are slim. Still, 300 Euros down the drain is better than enabling identity theft. Stay away!

  • Omegaman

    s others have regretted doing business or buying from this company, so have I. I bought Umidigi Plus E from this online shop. The phone had software fault - disconnecting wifi and at will as well as being stuck on the phone going to sleep after only 30 seconds of inactivity for the phone. As I use PAYG, the phone disconnecting from wifi meant it was costing me much on call credit, which was used for other phone activities, very frustrating when I have to log on to the phone after every 30 seconds, if I leave it idle.

    I contacted Gearbest about the problems and I was asked to send back the phone only through royal mail. Becasue royal mail would not accept mobile phones with lithium batteries for transportation, I sent the phone through DHL. And Gearbest would not accept the phone when it got to China, because I sent it to them by expedited mail - DHL. They informed me that they would not be accepting and have asked DHL to return the phone me, and instead offered me, in their words "a very generous offer of $45.00" for a phone I have already spent just under £240.00 for. I rejected their offer because I need a good satisfactory working phone or a full refund of my money. Up till today I have neither seen the phone (which I will throw in the bin if it arrives the UK) nor any further attempt by Gearbest to resolve the problem satisfactorily.

    I do not think most Chinese and Hong Kong online shops understand anything about good after-sales or customers services. You better steer clear of doing any business where they get their hands on your money, as you will never get it back if something goes wrong, and you will have no recourse to any redress at all.

  • ludmila

    I made my first order on Gearbest and i'm absolutely satisfied. Package came fast and safely. No problems at all! I have friend, who made many orders on this store and he have no problems too. So, i can say, it's a good store with fast shipping and great deals! And don't forget about Gearbest Points) 

  • Mihai

    I have made over 20 orders from Gearbest and my experience with them is positive. The only issue I had was due to a package that never arrived (according to the tracking logs, it was lost in my country, so not their fault), but they refunded my money easily. The things I like the most is their Android mobile app (it's very well made) and the points received for confirming the receipt of the order but also from reviewing the ordered products. From my experience, I can only recommend them. 

  • kostasflam

    I can't understand some of the comments from other members on this page. It seems to me they are filled with prejudice (especially with comments against China!). My experience with Gearbest has been the best so far. I have also bought from almost every other Chinese website out there, but, for me Gearbest always delivers. First of all, they sell at the cheapest prices, and that's a fact. Anyone can check this out, they'll see it's true. Also, most products I've bought have arrived in 20 days (give or take) except for one time I bought a robot vacuum from the European warehouse, which took a bit longer, but that was no problem for me because I totally avoided the risk of being charged with extra customs taxes. Another positive aspect is the way they respond to any questions or problems you might have, always trying to give the best solution. If you are not satisfied with a product, they offer you a refund. Not to mention the excellent website design that helps you find what you are looking for very fast. 
    Generally, it's the best website to shop from, especially when it comes to items of technology. I've shopped many times from them and I will definitely keep shopping in the future. 

  • Jose

    Good afternoon, I recently bought a product at GearBest As expected were spectacular good quality at low price and I came back to make order another I already take 7 orders with a gearbest always perforates excellent. Pará or the number 1 online sales site.

  • fbodjk

    I have been buying for more than a year at Gearbest (more than 100 orders and all received). With the delivery in the afternoon, it was generally excellent - an average of 15 days. There were problems with the goods, but the support service quickly solved them (they returned the money without problems or sent out a new product). With the prices they have, and especially when you can apply the points, generally without competition. In general, keep it up.

  • Vovan

    On March 6, 2017, I ordered a smartphone, order number W1703062000019419. The parcel was sent the next day. Delivery took 1 month, I think it's good. I was very surprised when I saw this phone, it's gorgeous. Also, the support desk works well in the store, promptly answers questions, and offers a solution. Good store, I recommend it to everyone.

  • Gioufkas

    My last order from GearBest was the cube style Xiaomi 1080p IP camera, order number W1703121113126427. I didn't expected this quality product in this price. The product came very safety and quick.

    The camera is beautiful and premium like. It cames with a very big (about 2m) usb to micro usb cable and of course the US plug charger . GearBest sented to me a EU adapter as a gift.

    Camera works perfectly with the Mi Home apk from the store. I think here is a negative piece. The apk has many Chinese but is easy to use it. I hope the next updates will adjust this problem.

    Overall, my experience from GearBest is very very positive. Every order came to me well packaged and safe. I recommend this store.

  • RuiH

    I made a lot of orders on gearbest! and I never have a problem with that.

    Service, quality, shipping, products and price was great. Is my number one online store ever.

    My last order was Order No.:W1702141202500040 and again nothing to say wrong about it..

    Recommend it to everyone. 

  • kunduns

    My friends and i bought too much times from Gearbest. Everytime they sent in time and good quality items. I recommend it.

  • Aderitogomes

    I have buy lots of things and everything was in order.
    I order one FuriBee Q6 Sport Camera Order nº WWB1703210841134205 , arrived well before the final delivery time.I realy recommend gearbest. 

  • AlbertoPopli

    Hello, the site is amazing, low price and the item are good, the staff is so kind and they helped me when i needed, I did more than 10 order all perfect, highly recommended, better than another Chinese sites

  • Elena

    Hi all. This is a great store with great products and prices,frequent discounts.Book here for a long time,bring joy shopping here.

  • Paolo

    Hi,I want to share with you my experience with my last and 5th order on Gearbest. As previous orders, it went all well. My order was a Xiaomi Mi band 2. The price was 19€, but I paid only 14€ thanks to Gearbest points. I chose cheapest shipping with tracking to Italy (Malaysia Post) and I received my order in less then 1 month from when I submitted order on 16 mar 2017. I didn’t pay import taxes.The product is original and works very well.

  • Nacheted

    I have bought several items at Gearbest (2 tablets, one smartphone and other things) and it has always been a very good experience: the price is very good (it usually is the best price I can get) and I do not have to wait much time to have the items (it usually takes 2 or 3 weeks to Spain). For some people it could be a long time but it is the time that the web says and it has never been longer than the time the web says. My last order (a Teclast TBook 16) took 16 real days to come to Spain when Gearbest said it would taje up to 15 business days.

  • jflteixeira

    I would like to share my experience with all the people who might be thinking about buying in the gearbest. It is very reliable and fast to deliver, has matrial of quality and matches the characteristics. I already bought several equipment and I will continue to buy. I recommend it 100%.

  • rayj

    Ok, well I've seen good, bad and indifferent reviews about Gearbest so I thought I should put my two pence worth in.

    I have bought numerous things from Gearbest over a reasonable period of time and have had an overall good experience with them.

    I have bought things like a mobile phone, led lights, vape fag and accessories, vape liquid, clothing, OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, cables, wifi adapter, I even ordered some makeup foundation for my other half  as she wanted to try it as it was a fraction of the price she would normally pay on the high street which I'll get onto in a sec.

    My experience with ordering, paying and shipping costs and times have been absolutely fine with no issues whatsoever so that is that out of the way.

    The issues I have had are as follows, the makeup I ordered wasn't shipped and I was informed of this and was given an apology, refund and points to use on their website so no issues there apart from my other half not getting what she wanted. The other issues were with 2 of the 3 vape liquids I ordered, 1 of which was too strong a flavour and the other tasted off/out of date both issues I didn't really care about nor mention to Gearbest as they only cost a couple of quid and I had the same experience with an out of date/off liquid from a high street store and as the prices on the high street have rocketed I've now taken to making my own and I get my ingredients from a U.K supplier so costs me a lot less however I have screwed up a batch myself and made the flavour too strong so I can understand how that happened with the ones I bought from Gearbest and at the end of the day, they are a storefront/warehouse not a manufacturer so cant really blame them for it.

    All other products have been fine with no issues to report.

    Tracking of orders, well the only thing I will say is that when you use a tracking website you may need to remove the zeros or the extra j from the tracking number and it works every time.

    Customer service, the only time I had to contact them was when I replied to them when they told me they could not ship the makeup but that was resolved with no fuss and they gave me points to use for the inconvenience so I can only praise them for sorting out the issue.

    What I will say is that if you want something cheap and don't mind trying brands you are unfamiliar with then Gearbest is a great place to start, I will say again, cheap... for instance the Kanger vape which I bought from them retails at over twice the price in my local vape shop along with the accessories.

  • Lino

    Gearbest is my “go to” online shopping website!
    It offers the best prices, and an amazing Costumer Service.
    One of my first buys was Order number: W1612281723366658, a gadjet that unfortunately wasn´t in stock due to suppliers issues. After contacting Gearbest´s support, promptly several options were given, since full refunds to product changing. After choosing another item, credits were immediately placed on my GB Wallet, and points rewardes for the inconvenient, to be changed for € on my next buy.
    This kind of care deserves my loyalness!
    And even living so far away as Portugal, orders never take over a month to arrive.

    Will continue using Gearbest for a long long time!

  • lucaesse

    I'm sad to reading the negative experiences of some users here.

    I bought many electronic items (Xiaomi MI Band for example) from GEARBEST and I have never had any problems with the shipments in Italy.

    Only one MI BAND 1S had an USB charging issue but GEARBEST assistance after receiving my explanation with a simple video sent me a new item without problem.

    I hope that you will solve your problems!!!


  • Igor

    My experiences so far with GearBest is pure pleasure. I recently purchased Oukitel K6000 Pro 4G Phablet and I was very surprised how good a cheap smartphone could be. The entire process from ordering to payment was quick and simple. My smartphone was ordered from EU warehouse and was delivered in less than three weeks at no extra cost of customs duty.

    I recommend GearBest to everyone who is looking for fast and trouble-free shopping.

  • ghouaami

    I made a lot of orders on gearbest! and I never have a problem with that.

    Example request #W1608070549017063

    All the products are excellent and the shipping is fast,The longest shipping time is 25 days Excellent customer service.

    The system of bonuses is excellent

    Highly recommended for their trusty products, prices and excellent service.

  • Otal

    I buy from gearbest since February of the last year and I can truly say I never had a bad situation. My frist order was an elephone Paris and a small drone I can give the order number so no one can say I am lying (w1602181202151539) and it came fast and all OK.  The tracking number work very well and all came in time. Since then I buy in gearbest more then 300 euros and its always OK. 

  • ucrarg1909

    He comprado varias veces en GearBest, ya hace mas de 1 año estoy comprando productos ahi, siempre me llegaron bien, nunca tuve problemas, tambien consulto disponibilidad del producto antes de comprar, nunca tu ve problemas y siempre me llegaron todo perfecto, uno de mis ordenes es W1703030706335603. Seguire comprando alla.

  • jon

    My experience with Gearbest has been so far more than fantastic. Fantastic prices, good quality and excelent support. I had a small issue with one of my orders (Xiaomi phone - W1701091503523508) but I contacted the client support and they managed to send me a new item with no extra cost. They have excellent prices and nice gadgets with superior quality. I recommend it a lot.

  • koiiiak

    I ordered a xiaomi action camera with accessories (order no: W1701190223306773 - 100$). The first time I bought such a large amount in the online store. The order came less than 2 weeks, excellent quality, all original. I was satisfied, I see no reason not to buy in the store.

  • Husain

    to be fair i never got a problems with my orders from gearbest plus low price and good items

    my order no.W1703030842044028

  • tonicris

    I made a lot of orders on gearbest! and I never have a problem with that.

    Example request Order No.:W1704010931169605

    All the products are excellent and the shipping is fast,The longest shipping time is 25 days Excellent customer service.

    The system of bonuses is excellent

    Highly recommended for their trusty products, prices and excellent service.

  • AndreaG91

    I bought 15 items so far and I have never had any problem. For example the item of order number W1701010514216151 has been delivered fast with Italy Express (within 2 weeks, corrier BRT) and have an amazing sound quality for that cheap price. The item came in the original box inside an air bubble envelopes to protect it from scratches.

  • Leaf

    I have ordered Nilkin glass for mi5 (W1704040859409541). Sent quickly. Has reached for 2,5 weeks. Has risen as native. Scraped slightly stronger than his own glass. Oleophobic coating as on native glass of mi 5. Very satisfied with the purchase.

    I order with Gearbest is not the first time. I like Gearbest very much for his good support and the accrual of bonus points for everything that can be spent on the next purchase. It is because of the bonus points you can save a lot. The price for the product is the same with other stores, but because of the GB points, it's slightly cheaper.

    Gearbest accepts payment and through Pay Pal, which make double protects the buyer.

  • warioblade

    I made many orders with Gearbest (20 at least) and i really had no problem.

    Here are some of them (W1702160308483346, W1701291151018931, W1701181504146829, W1701171459022279)

    I have ordered keyboards, mobile phones, speakers, bluetooth earphones and many many more stuff and gadgets and i had no problem.

    Even when i had problem with two phones i sent them back and i got a full money refund.

    They have a great support and i got help when i asked for it

  • rklip

    I live in canada, i have made several purchase with GB, everything has come in good time, except 1 item took 3 months not a huge deal, 2 of the many things i have ordered were not working properly, I recieved full refunds for both, everything else i have purchased has been awesome, exactly as described, sometimes better than expected. anyway in my opinion I think Gearbest is a pretty good deal all round ! would recommend to anyone interested in cool stuff for some pretty decent prices (shipping included most of the time) and no im not being paid and wasnt asked by Gearbest to write ay of this, buy something small to start ,take a chance I was a little weary my 1st order but they ere totally worth it !!


  • rklip

    wanted to mention how good Gearbests cutomer service is !!  some retailers over here in Canada could take a few lessons ; )  just sayin ?

  • Lele

    I'm mostly satisfied with my orders. Products are as you can see them from the site and for their cost the quality is above the average! I'll keep purchasing things from Gearbest because is one of the main sites in this field! I live in Italy and shipping costs are usually (depends on the cost of the whole order) free. It takes a fortnight for the order to arrive, so not that long. I don't say I hadn't issues with them, but these were kinda solved through partial refound and bonus points. Anyway I've always used their chat for anything I wasn't sure about, and they always were kind and fast in order to solve my problem. I honestly recommend it.

  • sdembis

    I have dealt with GearBest for quite a number of items over the last year or so and have been overall very happy with their products, their customer service and the relative delivery times I have experienced. The items I have bought have been as described and reasonably priced. Their customer service has been excellent with respect to only one or two issues that have arisen (with one item only and it I take partial responsibility for not doing sufficient homework on the particular item and it's reliability). These issues were resolved quickly and fairly by GearBest customer service and in my opinion their customer service response has been overall extremely good, particularly in comparison to a company, for example, such as FastTech that I have used a lot as well and found their customer service to be somewhat lacking and intractable, to put it mildly. I personally don't hesitate in recommending GearBest and frankly am quite surprised about the negative comments regarding them as it has not been my experience whatsoever. 

  • Namyoussef

    for me, i order many time from GearBest and i never find problem, the quality/price are good, shipping time the best for other web site and for who said GearBest  needed a photo of the drivers license, credit card or passport before the  order could be sent its for our security and for  not to be spamed. 

    Once I received an article that did not work very well (dashcam) they gave me the choice between the refund or to send me the same article another time. I chose to be reimbursed and I received the refund.

  • D.Drechsel

    The order was smooth and the shipping was quick and without problems. So far, there were no problems with all orders. The quality of the items were above average and the price / performance ratio is great. I would like to order from gearbest.

  • oualid


    I don't understand why all the fuss about Gearbest? I used it for the last year! Never had any bad experience, Even if I had one, their support (which is the best one I encountered) gave me a refund! So why are you lying?

  • Gabriel

    I placed several orders on Gearbest and I keep coming back for more. This is my number 1 place to buy Xiaomi gadgets. Based on my experience I can say that the negative feedback here comes from people that never ordered from them.

    Even when I encountered some small issues their customer support service was fast and happy to help.

    Many retailers should learn from them.

  • Jeff

    A Gearbest, como sugere o próprio nome, é uma melhor ferramenta no mercado, sobretudo pelo apreco e o respeito ao cliente. Na minha opinião sincera, essa política deveria servir de referência para outras empresas. 

    É importante ressaltar que os produtos são de extrema qualidade.
    Sem dúvida, a melhor!

  • i39

    I sadly read buyers negative experience.

    I have several orders - usually electronic items - and they all arrived.

    The templates all complied with the website.

    I practically got what I wanted to buy.

    You do not mind the shipment, you have arrived at all deadlines.

  • GSXR-1000

    Ich habe nun schon mehrere Bestellungen bei Gearbest in Auftrag gegeben und komme immer wieder gern für mehr. Gearbest ist meine Nummer 1 um funktionales Equipment, technische Komponenten oder kleine Gadgets zu kaufen.

    Auch wenn ich einigen kleinen Problemen begegnete, war der Kundendienst schnell und froh zu helfen.

    Ich empfehle sie und für mich verdienen sie 5 Sterne!

  • diwishop

    I already often ordered something with Gearbest and had for a start a smaller problem, whereby the customer service reacted however to my full satisfaction. Otherwise everything has always very well had folded and the articles which I had ordered was always from very good quality.

  • bahianium

    I have a Rechargeable Touch Senstive LED Desk Lamp from Gearbest and it is very usefull, afortable and looks durable! I recomend!

  • Mike50

    Gearbest is my favourite chinawebshop if you compare it with other shops they have the best price.I am also very happy with their point system,very easy no minimum amounts.Never had any problems.

  • PedroEvangel

    I already bought dozens of products at Gearbest and everything went very well. The last order was a Leagoo smartphone with order number W1704041800152979 and arrived within 15 business days as they had said. So far the best online store

  • Io.No

    Me and my friend have used GearBest form long time and done many order! Never had an issue that cannot be rightly solved by it support center!

    I want continue to place order with it.

    Tried other store but none has the low price and wide range as GearBest.

  • wrzucmonete

    Od paru lat kupuje na GearBest i zawsze jestem zadowolony. Jest to jeden z moich ulubionych sklepów. Wszystkie produkty są orginalne, bardzo dobrze zapakowane do wysyłki. Nigdy nie miałem problemów, kontakt z obsługą zawsze na poziomie. Bardzo polecam.

  • Isokaite

    I can say that my order Order No.:W1701141823003569 amazed me by the quality of the product and the agility of Gearbest.
    Without a shadow of doubt it is a great cost / benefit.

    Posso dizer que meu pedido Order No.:W1701141823003569 me surpreendeu pela qualidade do produto e pela agilade da Gearbest.
    Sem sombra de duvidas é um otimo custo/beneficio.

  • Lesth

    Hola mi nombre es lesther y soy de mexico.

    Mi experiencia en gearbest 

    Yo he comprado desde celulares hasta accesorios de todo tipo en la pagina de Gearbest y estoy sumamente satisfecho del servicio que brindad es muy bueno tiene un gran equipo de soporte.

    Desde la primera vez que compre me sentí bien y el producto no tardo mucho en llegar dependiendo el método de envió que elijas siempre elijo correos de México y me llega siempre en un mes exacto no tenido ningún problema en adunas.

    Los precios que tienen son muy accesibles, ademas de contar con una gran variedad de productos y el procesamiento de envió es muy rápido así como la devolución del efectivo es rápido.

    En General Gearbest es una de las mejores tiendas chinas online que existen.

    Hello my name is Lesther and I am from Mexico.

    My experience in gearbest

    I have bought from cell phones to accessories of all types in the page of Gearbest and I am extremely satisfied of the service that provides is very good has a great support team.

    Since the first time I bought I felt good and the product did not take long to arrive depending on the shipping method that you choose I always choose couriers from Mexico and I always arrive in an exact month I had no problem in aduna.

    The prices they have are very accessible, in addition to having a great variety of products and the processing of shipping is very fast as well as the cash return is fast.

    In General Gearbest is one of the best online Chinese shops that exist.

  • Sergey

    Prices are very good compared to other sites and shipping are very very fast!
    Everything was fine,I am satisfied and recommend to all!!!

  • mattia

    I've always ordered a lot of stuff on Gearbest and I've always been satisfied. Excellent customer service, amazing items' quality, and fast shippings. Nothing to complain!

  • Marinro

    Hola mi nombre Robert M. 

    Soy de Colombia y mi experiencia comprando en Gearbest ha sido muy buena, he realizo exactamente 34 compras de todo tipo de productos desde Celulares hasta llaveros y nunca he tenido ningún inconveniente con ello, el proceso de compra en realidad es muy fácil y los precios son sumamente asequibles, siempre se cuenta con algún tipo de promoción o descuento para beneficio del comprador.

    El proceso de envió es increíble, en mi caso los productos nunca se han tardado mas de 1 mes en llegar en ocasiones llegan en menos del tiempo estimado y se tiene diferente formas de envió que es muy bueno, el servicio de seguro es muy bueno ya que nos da la garantía de que se responderá por nuestro producto si llega a pasar algo no esperado.

    Desde mi punto de vista diría que Gearbest es la mejor tienda online asiática para realizar comprar que hay por su servicio de soporte, relación calidad precio de sus productos y su gran servicio de entrega, super recomendada.

    Hello, my name is Robert M.

    I am from Colombia and my experience buying at Gearbest has been very good, he made exactly 34 purchases of all kinds of products from Cell phones to key chains and never incurred inconvenience with it, the buying process is actually very easy and the prices are extremely Affordable, there is always some kind of promotion or discount for the benefit of the buyer.

    The shipping process is incredible, in my case the products have never taken more than 1 month to arrive sometimes arrive in less than estimated time and has different ways of shipping which is very good, the insurance service is very good since Gives us the guarantee that we will respond for our product if something unexpected happens.

    From my point of view, I would say that Gearbest is the best Asian online store to buy that there is for its support service, price relation of its products and its great service of delivery, super recommended.

  • mattia

    I've ordered a lot of stuff on Gearbest, and I've always been satisfied. Amazing items' quality, fast shipping and very kind customer service! Nothing to complain!

  • amirale

    Bonjour mon nom Robert M. Je suis de la Colombie et mon expérience d'achat Gearbest a été très bon, je fis exactement 34 achats de tous les types de produits à partir de téléphones cellulaires à des porte-clés et je ne l'ai jamais eu de problème avec elle, le processus d'achat est en fait très facile et les prix sont très abordable, il a toujours une sorte de promotion ou remise au profit de l'acheteur. Le processus de soumission est incroyable, dans mon cas, les produits ne se sont plus de 1 mois pour arriver viennent parfois en moins le temps estimé et ont des façons différentes de la marine marchande, il est très bon, le service d'assurance est très bonne et ce qui nous donne l'assurance que notre produit répondra s'il est passé quelque chose d'inattendu. De mon point de vue, je dirais que Gearbest est la meilleure boutique en ligne pour l'achat asiatique là pour leur soutien de service, la valeur de ses produits et une grande prestation de services, super recommandé.

  • DavidVal

    Mi compra numero 23 en este sitio y sin problemas, articulo excelente a un precio genial.Mas barato que en cualquier sitio.


  • Serge

    Ordered Xiaomi Pen with refill pack. Very satisfied. Delivery is normal. Price is lowest than other shops. This was my ~40 order fron this store. Continue to shop at GearBest.

    Good store. If you have troubles with order - contsct support first. Or you can use PayPal to solve issues.

  • Sergey1981

    Здрасти!!! Хочу немного рассказать о интернет магазине GearBest.

    Все заказы приходили вовремя, но один где-то застрял, и мне вернули половину стоимости, так как я просто забил на страхование..., но это не так важно.

    Сам магазин от личный , очень удобно все размещено по навигации по сайту.

    Иногда бывают задержки ,но я думаю это по вине поставщиков.

    Короче покупайте у них сервис отменнвй.........

  • Getman

    Покупал в этом магазине уже много раз. И хотя многие пишут, что есть проблемы с этим магазином, они решаемы. Если у меня возникала проблема при оформлении заказа, я писал в службу поддержки, предоставлял фото и видео доказательства, и мне всегда помогали. Либо делали полный возврат денег, либо делали отправку по новой.  Вывод всем советую магазин Gearbest.

  • Getman

    Bought in this store many times already. And although many write that there are problems with this store, they are solvable. If I had a problem when placing an order, I wrote to the support team, provided photos and video evidence, and I was always helped. Either did a full refund, or sent a new one. Conclusion I advise everyone to shop Gearbest

    • Getman

      My last order number: W1611101019073479
      I happy))

  • Adriano


  • paod

    No problems what so ever. I have bought more than 20 items in a month period. That says it all.

    Gearbest is a reliable retailer.

  • Snoop

    I'm very pleased with the orders of products that I've made from Gearbest it's a reliable e-shop and I also have no complain about its products ! Keep on good work. My Xiaomi MI Band 2, GS320 digital thermometer, Broadlink SP3, Broadlink RM Mini 3, great, without any problem.

  • Ben38

    Very very happy with Gearbest guys, their pricing is unbeatable and they simply take care of customers! When I received a product (Tesla Invader ecig) that wasn't working correctly I just sent a short videoclip to prove what I was saying and they gave me the choice between full refund or new product free of charge... Will definitely carry on ordering from them!

  • DenisRakochiy

    Fast delivery. Delivery to Ukraine about 2 weeks.

    Good prices. 

    Great service. 

    There are bonuses in the form of cashback.

  • AnnaBak

    I made just my first order in this store and i already got it fast and safe, so, i can can say for sure that this is a good store where i found no problems with my order. I can recommend it to everyone! 

  • MichaelK

    I‘ve made a lot of orders to Gearbest and I never had any problems. Last order was "Original WISMEC Reuleaux RX200S 200W TC Box Mod- RED WITH BLACK". I got it for a very good price, the shipping to Germany was fast and I'am very satisfied with that item.

  • Altairs

    Hello buyers dear online! I want to apologize at you for possible inaccuracies in translation in advance as I use the electronic translator. The point is that I am a Russian-speaking citizen of Ukraine and still not thoroughly I know language. I want to present you online store with the broadest choice anything, since consumer electronics finishing with socks... Gearbest is known to all Internet for the crystal reputation. Reaction to your orders or applications blows the mind.

    Hello buyers dear online! I want to apologize at you for possible inaccuracies in transfer in advance as I use the electronic translator. The point is that I am a Russian-speaking citizen of Ukraine and still not thoroughly I know language. I want to provide you online store with the broadest choice anything, since consumer electronics finishing with socks... Gearbest is known to all Internet for the crystal reputation. Reaction to your orders or requests blows the mind.

    The separate story is demanded by bonus system of balls. This system allows you to accumulate points for

    text responses, video responses (these are 10 times more expensively appreciated by GearBest) and to pay with them for purchases. This system allows to save up to 30% of the price of goods.

    Also GearBest has the Receive It Free of Charge program. This program allows to receive in general any goods free of charge and for this purpose not much efforts to apply are necessary.

    For the best work with partners of GearBest has created the partner program your retail chain stores allowing to expand and improve many times.

    I will tell in the conclusion... GearBest this the best that I met on the Internet. I use services of this shop of already 6 years. I have different situations - loss of parcels on the way, the defective goods (marriage has been hidden and I have come to light at long testing), etc. came across, and at each appeal to support of clients I met - first a mngnovenny rektion, very kind address and lack of problems in return of money.

    GearBest the BEST!!!!!

  • portisgreg

    Avoid this company at all costs. They sold me a router that does not work within Europe. The returns policy is beyond a joke. In spite of the router being sent from a Europe distribution centre I had to return to China to a different name and address to their company. They gave very specific instructions on how to return it.

    Their policy is that the cost of returns is the customers unless they receive the goods and it is faulty. In which case they will refund the postage.

    After 2 months of waiting I had not received anything. I had to ask DHL who said that Gearbest had not paid their import fees.

    Once they did receive it Gearbest then told me I had to pay the import fees as the customer and didn't include the postage!

    If an item is sold as described then you purchase in good faith that it will do the job it is intended to do. If is is missold however then the seller should refund ALL the amount and any postage. The implications of purchasing from them should be made 100% clear at purchase not hiding behind terms and conditions. They are in no position to be selling to the rest of the world. They should only deal with China until they get their ethics sorted.

    I am disgusted by this company, their communication and customer service. Needless to say I will never be using them again.


  • DaliborH

    I bought few gadget and items from GearBest and i am very satisfied with shipping prices/delivery time and items quality. Customer service and support is always very responsive and dont have any complains. I only hope for more items in EU warehouse :) 

  • hwg

    Actually I had good experiences with Gearbest. 

    I ordered a lot of items from them, and all of it has been arrived to me. 

    One time I got one product (a smart watch) which isn't worked as expected, I reported this on their customer service, and after a few days my Paypal account was refunded, and also it was no necessary to send back the item.


    I place an order on 19.08.2019 - order number 19081900938006416844. Gearbest took my money. Until now I did not receive my order and seems i will no longer get it.

    Instead I contact these guys twice till now: at first they told me the product is no longer in stock, but going to be shipped in a week. After a week, they come up with a better excuse - the product is no longer being produced, so you need to pick another one and pay for the difference!

    Now, that i look for ways to file a complain I realize that this is the way they operate! GEARBEST is a trap, be aware!

    I can only imagine how many people are in the same situation as i am, but obviously Gearbest is still operating!

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