Gay Tesco customers told they should 'die alone'

tesco Tesco are investigating comments made by a member of their staff, where a cashier told a gay couple that they should "die alone" and that they "shouldn't have babies."

Interesting approach to customer service, it has to be said.

Helen Embleton and her girlfriend Natalie Rivans were reportedly shopping at a Tesco Extra in London when the worker decided to veer off the usual "would you like a carrier bag?" and asking if they'd like a receipt, in favour of chiding them about their lavenderism.

Of course, the couple challenged the lady on the till, but she returned with a remark, saying that homosexuality was "wrong", adding: “It's a free country so I can say what I like”.

The cashier is right - she can say what she likes. One of the most marvellous things about living in Britain is that you can say anything you like. However, she's now finding out that 'freedom of speech' doesn't actually mean 'I can say whatever I like without repercussions'. If you walk into a pub full of Burnley fans with a Blackburn Rovers shirt on, someone might give you some salty language or a boot up the rear. Likewise, if you work in a shop, your duty is to be polite, rather than espouse your views on gay parenting.

If you're ultra-Christian, then surely you'd manage to firstly, turn the other cheek or, at the least, get someone else to serve someone who you fear is going to hell? Either way, telling a customer that they should 'die alone' isn't exactly the best PR for Tesco.

A spokesperson for Tesco said they've given a full apology for the “inappropriate comments” and launched an internal investigation: "We work hard to make sure that everyone is welcome at Tesco and put great emphasis on celebrating diversity and ensuring that we are an inclusive place to work and shop."

"Any remarks or actions from our colleagues which are not in line with these beliefs are not acceptable and will not be tolerated."


  • Martin
    '‘freedom of speech’ doesn’t actually mean ‘I can say whatever I like without repercussions’ I love that :) It's amazing how many people don't seem to realise that very basic fact.
  • BigOrkWaaagh
    Well, in all fairness to the cashier, they were Tesco customers.
  • Alexis V.
    What's the point? They're hardly going to say "yes, it all becomes clear now that you, a supermarket cashier, has pointed out that error of my ways. I'll fight the urges I was born with, put the child up for adoption and live my life as you see fit, no matter how miserable that might make me. You may keep the change." The silly cow will probably blame tomorrow's stormy weather on them as well.
  • narfette
    the investigation should start and end with them firing her. simple set an example
  • jim
    so i am the only person who had to look up the word - lavenderism
  • Mark W.
    Someone is confused. A lesbian is by definition not homosexual! If she was, she wouldn't be a lesbian.
  • Gas M.
    They should be shopping at Lesco, I'll get me coat.
  • Claire C.
    that's the last time i shop at tesco
  • George C.
    @ Alexis Vallance The following few days were indeed quite stormy.
  • Slacker
    You can't educate pork, unfortunately - the only answer is to sack this bigot.

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