Gap customers in revolt

Who would have thought that the grey flannel clad customers of The Gap could be so fiercely right on? They’re fuming from the top of their baseball caps to the bottom of their deck shoes about Gap’s unprincipled decision not to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety agreement. And they’ve taken to the Gap Facebook page to kick some serious denim clad butt.


At the moment, under nice pictures of summer espadrilles and the Diane Von Furstenburg collection, there’s an all-out comment war, with thousands of customers around the world urging Gap to sign the agreement, which will ensure better safety regulations in factories.

Gap, along with Walmart are holding out on the agreement after the recent factory collapse that killed 1,127 people. Nice guys, eh? They say they’re a bit scared that signing the agreement would lead to more ligitation from American lawyers seeking compensation for Bangladeshi workers, and they want reduced legal liability.

It’s absolute corporate f***ery of the highest order. What Gap should be more scared of is the pitchfork wielding mob of angry customers, as they desert the company in their droves.

Why don’t we all join in? Come on. Their clothes are crap anyway.



  • Terry K.
    "Most consumers wouldn't shop in a store which exploits it's workers." Bullshit, it is out of site out of mind, people don't care about what isn't directly affecting them. It's sad, but true.
  • Jeebus
    “Most consumers wouldn’t shop in a store which exploits it’s workers.” Bullshit, it is out of site out of mind, people don’t care about what isn’t directly affecting them. It’s sad, but true. Someone speaking sense of B fucking Dub, what's the world coming too? Seriously though, in a week or two no-one will even give a shit (assuming they haven't already forgotten about it). Companies know this so they simply ride out the shit storm.
  • Marketing W.
    Alternatively Gap could open a factory inside an American school. The workers might get sprayed with 9mm occasionally, but their government won't do anything about it.
  • shiftynifty
    I doubt if it is forgotten about in a week or so, this was tragic in the extreme, and you should give consumers a bit of credit, seriously there is a real under current of people opposing these awful working practices,it`s a tragedy that should never happen again
  • LL J.
    If they single out Bangladesh with a liability deal then trading with Bangladesh becomes more of a risk, so some other backwards shithole country gets all Bangladesh's clothing trade instead, the resultant poverty kills more Bangladesh citizens than the factory collapse by at least an order of magnitude. Well done you knee-jerk pricks. Shove your good intentions up your arse.

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