Game offer free WiFi in a bid to save themselves

game-logoVideo games retailer, Game, has been in a place trickier than an underwater level on Sonic lately. So, in a bid to lure us back into their stores, they are offering free WiFi access which you can probably use by standing at their door while buying absolutely nothing.

This free wireless connection will be delivered via a new partnership with BT and will appear in stores by Christmas. Meanwhile, you'll get on with your life with your 3G connection no doubt.

Game are also looking at a new, free smartphone app which will allow customers to read product reviews and news, watch videos and get special offers, which is more like it.

This is an attempt to drag the company out of the doldrums after it briefly went into administration, before being bought by OpCapita who owns Comet.

It would seem the fortunes of the store rest on a big gaming release, and thankfully for Game, FIFA13 is due out, so keep an eye out for good package deals on that.



  • PaulS
    Perfect then for people to come in, check out a game they fancy buying and scanning the barcode into their smartphone to see how much cheaper it will be to buy online and then walk out.
  • Greek D.
    They are back to their old tricks cancelling pre-orders with no reason given. While I feel for the staff they run the business like a bunch of clowns in a clown car so here's hoping they don't recover from the next post Christmas administration scare.
  • Zleet
    Web savvy parents mean they can no longer trick flustered mothers into buying little Timmy a full price copy of some crappy Wii game. Free wifi isn't going to draw anyone in. I can understand it if HMV do something like that as they have the floorspace to put in a coffee shop, but not Game.
  • Inspector G.
    I'm sat here trying to think of something to write about how retarded it is, but anyone with 2p can see how this wont work, so I can't really say anything. I'll write a little reply about how I have nothing to say on this matter instead.
  • Nikey H.
    The beest game store was Virgin Megastores. You could go in and play the latest games of all the consoles. Good times... good times!
  • sicknote
    Ha ha ha ha ha, they'll be bust by Christmas.

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