Free ATMs in shops? Maybe not

17 August 2015

reg varney cash machine If you've been drawing money out for free down the shops, that might all be about to change warn the UK's shopkeepers, thanks to a change in how they are taxed.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) are asking the government to exempt ATMs from business rates, which cost shops up to £15,000 per machine. And now, some shops are being asked to cough up for one off bills which are running into tens of thousands, because charges have been backdated to 2010 by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

The ACS, who rep independent traders, said: "We believe ATMs are a high street enabler providing shared benefits to a range of traders, allowing consumers to access their cash and spend it within their local communities."

So what to the VOA have to say about this? A spokesperson says: "We are currently reviewing ATM sites to ensure all sites that should be assessed are correctly rated. This treats all businesses equally, and ensures they pay their fair share of the overall business rates bill."

"We will continue to consult with the machine operators who will be affected by this exercise."

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  • oldgit
    Could someone explain how they are taxed currently

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