Fortnum's have best Christmas ever

fortnum Swanksome and occasionally up-itself retailer Fortnum & Mason had a tremendous Christmas, as their results - posted today - show.

The ponce brand logged a 22.8% increase in sales from the same five week period back in 2013. Like-for-like sales were up 18.3%, and the online arm of the luxury brand performed even better, recording a 31% jump.

A lot of this was down to the company's St. Pancras International store, which enjoyed an almost 50% increase in sales as the brand continues to expand, with a new standalone store recently opening in Heathrow’s flagship Terminal 5. Why, on December 22nd 2014 the retailer enjoyed the best trading day in its 308-year history.

They also took over Somerset House's shopping arcade and festooned the ice rink's massive Christmas tree with F&M finery.

"We are certainly engaging more with Londoners, who, like everyone else, respect our foodie credentials and know that at Fortnum’s they can expect a fabulous customer experience,” said chief executive Ewan Venters.

"We have shown that Fortnum’s is not just for Christmas, and we are looking forward to making further progress throughout 2015.”

Well, it is predominantly just for Christmas for some people, pal. It's not a weekly habit, spending seven quid on a pot of classy jam for your mum, is it?

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