Forget Boxing Day – the sales start NOW

24 December 2013

If you thought Christmas Day was about peace on earth, goodwill and watching Del Boy falling through the bar, you’re WRONG, grandpa! This year, Christmas Day is going to be the big shopping day on the internet, as families ignore their loved ones and take to their iPads to buy even more crap they don’t need. Because why on earth would we want to take one day a year off doing that?


An estimated 117 million are expected to visit online sales, some of which start at noon today. There’ll be bargains galore at M&S, Debenhams, John Lewis, Argos and Boots, who are cutting prices by 50%.

The fact is we’re all poor, the weather is apocalyptic and we’re addicted to online shopping, so a Christmas Day sale will bring all the bargain hunters to the yard.

As David McCorquodale from KPMG says: 'This year the sales will start earlier than ever, with retailers pulling the trigger and launching online campaigns so shoppers can browse the sales over their turkey and pick up a bargain.'

Pulling triggers? Shopping over the turkey? WTF?

The problem is, we’ve become less like the Griswolds in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and more like the trendy 80s couple next door with the shiny CD player and the jogging gear. Consumerism has won.

Mind you, 50% off at Debenhams? GET IN.

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