Foetus necklace... just in time for mother's day

il_430xN.120373055You know what you need around your stupid, stupid neck? No, apart from a noose. That's right! You need a foetus!

Yup, this ceramic not-yet-a-human could dangle lovingly beneath your neck and perhaps serve as a painful reminder of the child you had that made every second of your life an absolute misery.

You can fondly look back on a time when they were in the womb as opposed to slouching and tutting all over your house, making a mess and bleeding you for every penny you earn before shitting in your lunchbox.

This piece can be bought from Etsy (where all the deranged artisans seem to hang out) and is described by the vendor as being "a ceramic fetus pendant thing that I made," before adding "you don't even have to use it as a necklace, do what you will with it! <3 <3 <3"

For $20 you can buy it here. That said, you should be sectioned immediately if you're even contemplating walking around with one of these about your person. A ceramic vagina on the other hand...

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  • Junkyard
    Help me out here, I don't know which vagina to get. On the one hand, the one dribbling menstrual blood is particularly attractive. On the other hand, the one with "a urethra wide enough to hold up a standard stick of incense" is actually $5 cheaper. I'm used to you helping me with all my retail dilemmas, BitterWallet. What should I do?

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