Flagging Coca-Cola re-release Vanilla Coke while eyeing Pepsi up

cocacola1 Coca-Cola is one of those companies that you always assume will be top dog in their field, however, things aren't going so well for them (relatively). In a bid to regain interest in the brand, they're re-releasing Vanilla Coke after a 6-year absence.

The company claims that there's been a "noticeable" demand from fans of the drink, which means we'll soon be flooded with social media adverts, billboards and TV spots telling us how wonderful their pop is.

Zoe Howorth, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain says: “There has been huge consumer demand for the return of Vanilla Coke so we were really excited about bringing back the variant to the Coca-Cola family. It’s the product that consumers ask us to re-introduce most frequently and we’re excited to be able to do so, whilst marking the tenth anniversary of flavours.”

No shouts for Tab Clear, that astronauts drink? Either way, this has come about for one reason: Pepsi are stealing a march them.

Sales of all variants of Coca-Cola fell 3.3% during the year while all the Pepsi variants increased by 7.4%. Advertising has been key, with Coca-Cola looking outdated with their dreadful Diet Coke abs-verts, while Pepsi have tuned in with ver yoof,  utilising the popularity of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and successful music marketing 'Live for Now'. Cross promotions with Doritos have also tapped into our need to want to stay inside, away from that dreadful weather.

Pepsi are also outperforming Coca-Cola in pubs and clubs... so is Vanilla Coke really going to make a dent in Pepsi's sales?


  • Delenn
    You can get Tab in those American Sweets shops dotted round the corner. Lovely too!
  • Holysmokey
    Bring back Cresta... 'It's frothy man'
  • Quietus
    As usual, they're choosing to ignore the elephant in the room: Pepsi is regularly cheaper.
  • Zleet's M.
    Cresta is still available. Made by Coca-Cola according to those hipsters over on Wikipedia. The bear that used to advertise it, reminded my of the bear from Fox's Glacier Mints.
  • The H.
    I like to dip my balls in Vanilla Coke. No better feeling than a fizzy vanilla coated sack.
  • Mr L.
    @The Helmet - doesn't that leave you with a big fat hairy coke?
  • Captain.Cretin
    Vanilla coke is much nicer smelling if you want to snort the stuff. And yeah, I used to love Cresta.
  • your m.
    Outsells coke in bars etc? Well considering they have deals with Coke OR Pepsi the consumer doesn't really get a choice.... You -"Coke please" Wetherspoons barman - "Pepsi ok?" Me - "No I want Coke" Wetherspoons barman - "We don't sell coke" Me - "I better have a fucking Pepsi then hadn't I?" ...aaaand scene.
  • Meek
    I have yet to come across a pub that actually sells Coke. Maybe thats your downfall you thick fucks.
  • Marly M.
    Yeah pubs are all about the soft drinks

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