Findus Crispy Pancakes RIP

crispy-pancakes Don the black armbands, because Findus are killing off the mighty Crispy Pancakes

According to reports, Young’s Seafood (who own the Findus brand in the UK) are going to stop using the name in the next month or so. We suspect there'll be riots, as people aim to stockpile the deliciously vile treat.

There is good news though for fans of molten innards inside a breaded pancake - Findus Crispy Pancakes are going to be involved in a straight swap for a new thing under the new Original Pancake Co brand. We suspect that these new ones will be a bit healthier, which is not what we're after. We'll reserve judgement for now.

Remarkably, this product has been on the market since the late '50s, but alas, it took a hammering during the horsemeat scandal. Findus' lasagne had horses in it, which people didn't like at all, for some reason.

Anyway, for Findus Crispy Pancake die-hards, a black day. Or a change of packaging. Depends which way you want to look at it.


  • Cheguava
    A sad day, used to live on these as a student (along with fishcakes and other cheapo processed sh#te), the fond memories of the red hot filling blistering the roof of your mouth make my eyes water even now! Just looked them up to see if they still sell the ham & cheese version (accept no other!), and apparently the calorie count for 2 is 218 calories - the same as a Kitkat? Might have to pick some up to show the kids "how we used to live."
  • Pancakeman9
    This is utter madness. Judgement day is clearly upon us. God hath struck the mighty crispy pancake off the shelves. This is a true test of might and will power. I'm not sure I can handle this, I knew the rapture would be difficult. But. I. Did. Not. Expect this.

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