Fancy some crack in a jar?

biscoff If you thought Nutella was a finger-licking treat, it’s miserable, inedible slop compared to a new spread that’s flying off the shelves and has been likened to ‘crack in a jar’.

The devilishly more-ish Euro spread is called Biscoff and is made from…wait for it…CRUSHED BELGIAN BISCUITS. You know - the caramel flavoured kind you get free with a coffee in a red wrapper, made by Lotus. Except mashed up and in a handy pot, which you can spread on bread to make a double carb sweet/savoury treat.

So fine is this concoction that it’s acquiring cult status and flying off the shelves. Sainsbury’s have reported a 529% upswing in sales and, in Waitrose - that ever reliable barometer of middle class mores - sales have been described as going ‘relentlessly upwards.’ Other supermarkets are now racing to stock it.

In these troubled times, it seems that we’re getting through the day by chomping on secret spoonfuls of liquidised biscuits, and at £2.29, it’s a treat that won’t break the bank. OK, so there’s 2,360 calories per jar, but you won’t really be thinking about that when you’re sitting naked on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night, eating it with your fists.

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  • Joe
    There is a video which explains all this far better than writing ever could:

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